Spirits in Healing Sessions


When people come for a healing session with me, we always sit for a few minutes and discuss how I work. For many people, the term “healing medium” is unknown. Even if they’ve read my website or my book, it helps to further clarify what to expect before the healing session. I explain that I will scan their energy and help them clear whatever needs to be cleared–maybe they’re storing past trauma that is holding them back in life,or they might be recovering from some type of addiction and are ready to clear the energy associated with it.  Then I mention that I will describe whoever is present in spirit and with the client’s permission, I will allow the spirit or spirits to come through and convey whatever needs to be communicated.

People often ask, “What if no one in spirit comes through for me?”  I assure them that there is always someone in spirit that will come through.  The spirits may be of passed-on family members, friends, or guides.  I never know who will present themselves in spirit, until we are in the session.  Sometimes we will speak to a spirit or two and then others may show up later in the session.

The order with which the spirits present themselves and speak during a session is coordinated in the spirit realm; I’m merely a conduit between two places.  The spirits always give validating information such as method of passing, certain things they wore or had an affinity for, they may say certain phrases and idioms, or highlighting key aspects of their personalities.  I always convey the information in the exact tone and infection, with which it is communicated to me. Spirits may not always convey the information that people want to hear but they relay the information that needs to be heard. They may address unresolved conflict or explain the root causes for issues they faced on the Earth plane.  They may give advice about what they’ve learned about family behaviors or illness manifestations, so those on Earth can change their life patterns.  Sometimes they just want to pop in and let the person know they’re there to love and support them.

The spirits that come through in a session are not Earth-bound. They have crossed over and reside in the spirit realm but God allows them to be present for the session, to aid their loved ones.  Occasionally, a person who committed suicide may present himself in a healing session.  These are suicide victims who have been crossed over into the Light and are now in a healing place.  They generally cannot speak for themselves because of the nature of their healing but someone in spirit will speak on their behalf.  Again, God allows these spirits to leave the healing place and convey pertinent information to their loved ones for healing.

In a healing session, we may meet one spirit or several; sometimes it’s like a family reunion with lots of spirits popping in and sharing information.  Those in spirit are always connected to us, even after they leave the Earth.  Through Divine grace, we are given the opportunity to continue a spiritual relationship with their souls.  They can help support, guide, and heal us; all we have to do is ask.

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