Spring Cleaning Our Energy


We find signs of spring all around us in the calls of birds, in the colorful flowers we see up poking through the soil, the change in warmer weather, and in the scents of hyacinths and other spring bulbs carried in the air. As we experience all these changes, we’re prompted to clear things out and make room for new growth. Some of us may do this in our homes, but we need to also make sure that we do this for our energy.

Many of us spring clean by clearing out our closets and dressers of anything we don’t wear. We may do this for each room in our house–assess what isn’t being used, so we can de-clutter. This is great for the home’s energy. But we can also clear the space energetically to remove any old imprints.  This should actually be done on a regular basis, but if you aren’t in the habit of doing it, the spring is a great time to start.

Just as we clear our homes, we also need to clear our energy of anything that no longer fits.  We need to discard what no longer serves us including old thoughts, experiences, and energy.  As we do this, we make room for what we choose in our lives and likewise, the Universe fills the void.  There are a few steps we can take to accomplish this task.  We can begin by taking an introspective look at our lives through meditation. If you have difficulty meditating on your own, try finding a yoga or healing center that offers regular meditation.  In my office, we do a monthly tea and meditation. It is helpful because when people meditate in a group. The collective vibration is much higher than if they were meditating alone, therefore their results are profound. Plus, it is a chance for people of like interests to connect, share experiences, and grow.  If you have mastered meditation on your own, then you will want to sit alone and connect with your soul to see what has to go.  Have a pen and paper next to you, so that you can jot down notes, when you are through.  You should write down two lists:  What you choose in your life and what is old and stagnant to be released.

Once you know what needs to be cleared out, you can work on removing all the patterns and imprints associated with it.  You can also try to clear  your energy on your own.  Before you do, write down your intentions and read them aloud, then use an energy clearing technique. After you clear, you can also ask Archangel Michael to remove and imprints, energy, and cords.  Ask him to pull them by the root and send them to the light.  If you find this difficult to do, you can also set your intentions and get an energetic clearing.

After you clear what doesn’t work for you anymore, you will want to focus on what you choose in your life.  You will need to write a list of all the things you choose in your life.  Make the list all-inclusive of not just any material things but also emotions, experiences, relationships, and thoughts.  For example, I may write on my list that I choose to move to a larger house, experience joy each day, have loving relationships, and have my mind filled with high vibrational thoughts.

Read the list of what you choose in your life every morning and every night–right before bed.  As you read this, you are training your mind and imprinting these ideas in your energy, as well as communicating everything out to the Universe.  As you focus your intentions in this direction, you will see your energy changing.  It takes time, practice, and patience but the rewards are great.  The more you clear, the higher your energy will vibrate.

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