The Compassion Project–Children of The Light

Children are blessings–gifts from heaven. They fill us with hope.  Their deep belly laughter reminds us to chuckle and enjoy ourselves.  Their wide smiles teach us to find joy in all aspects of life. Their inquisitive natures challenge us to seek wonder and amazement in all God’s creations from the tiny green-crested hummingbird sipping sweet nectar in a bright purple Morning Glory to the vast blue ocean washing its white-capped waves against the sandy shoreline.

In general, children are closer to God’s light than most other people because they recently incarnated and have not been exposed to society’s deprogramming.  But the Children of the Light are a bit different.  These children have an innate sense of compassion for all living things.  They’re connected to people as well as the smallest insects.  They view all living things as an extension of the Divine and believe in protecting and nurturing them.

Unlike the Indigo Children, these young ones are born with not only the third-eye open but also the crown, throat, heart, and sacral chakras open.  This openness can be seen in the auric colors but it can also be determined by the words, and behaviors of the children.  They talk about a deep love and connection with God.  My friend’s four-year-old always asks, “When will I see God again because I miss him so much?” They’re clairvoyant, which enables them to see energy including orbs, auras, and spirits.  They’re clairaudient and communicate telepathically–sending and receiving information over great distances through thought. Their sacral chakras are wide open, which makes them highly empathic–feeling the energy and emotions of others.

These children are born to help our race elevate our sense of compassion and as a result have wide open heart chakras as well as the high heart chakra. With a raised sense of compassion, we connect on a deep level–not only to each other, but also through the energy of the Divine. The compassion cord connects all of us.  Children of the Light teach us to engage on a deeper level, tune into our abilities, each other, and God.

The Children of the Light are born to special parents–those who can nurture and support the mission of these souls.  These parents will have the tasks of psychic shielding the children, balancing their sacral chakras–so they don’t take in too much energy and become overwhelmed, and eventually teaching them techniques to support life on Earth.  Most of these parents are deeply spiritual and quite connected to God, regardless of religion and they are ready for the challenge of raising these deeply spiritual children in a very physical sometimes harsh world.

The Compassion Project is an important part of our development.  It’s an exciting time because people are opening spiritually and evolving.  The Children of the Light are here to help us in the process of development and reconnecting to God and each other.  This is a wonderful time to be on Earth and engage in this beautiful process.

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