The Energy of Addiction



Some of us may have people in our lives who suffer from addiction.  It’s very hard to watch those we love struggle.  Often, addiction is treated on a physical level but the spiritual and emotional aspects of it are not always resolved and the problems recur.  In order to truly heal addiction, we need to clear any lower-vibrational energetic attachments in the energetic field of the person struggling with the addiction.  In addition, we need to address the underlying root of why the addiction occurred–why the person started using the substance. When we address all of these components involved in the addiction, the person can heal completely.

The county that I live in is dealing with a very big heroin problem, with over 112 overdose deaths last year.  I have worked with several clients that have healed through substance addictions but they had a great deal of work to do.  Initially the work involved clearing all aspects of the substance from the physical body, which meant detoxifying.  In addition, they had to change their diets adding more health and nutrients to support their bodies through recovery.

Depending on the level of the addiction, the person may also have attracted energetic attachments.  I have talked about lower-vibrational energy and also energetic attachments on this blog.  People battling addictions can have energies attached to the aura.  Often if we do not help cross those that have passed of substance overdose deaths, they can remain Earth-bound and walk in darkness like that of suicide victims. These  Earth-bound energies can attach and manipulate substance users. These entities will still seek out addiction energy because though they have passed on, they are still attached to the Earth.  They will attach themselves to the field of a user, so they can still connect to the energy of the substance involved in the addiction.  The entities can affect the user by sending thoughts of using, so that the user is always in an addictive state and the entity is always feeling the high. I learned this lesson the hard way.

I have a cousin who battles a heroin addiction and she lives far away from me.  I decided to help her out one day because a family member told me that she was not doing well.  That night after I cleared  the energy of myself, everyone in my home, and my home, I decided to clear her energy and send her Light–BIG MISTAKE!  As I connected with her energy, it felt very heavy and looked dark.  A few minutes later, I had a large dark entity in my room.  Although it could not attach to me because it vibrated at a very low rate, it hovered around me.  I tried clearing it and it didn’t budge.  So I called in my guides and asked what it was about.  I was told that we cannot clear what a person has chosen for herself.  She had chosen to be in that dark state.  She might night have chosen that darkness at first, but as the addiction grew, she chose to keep using and her energy vibrated lower and lower.  I could not force her to clear that darkness and step into the Light, she had to want to do that for herself.  The same was true for me.  Rather than just sending her loving energy for whatever was in her highest intentions, I chose to send her Light to clear her field–I sent her energy with my own intentions for her–an energetic faux pas.  I chose to connect with her energy, so I got everything that came with that energy including her dark attachments. My guides helped me clear the energy and I learned a very big lesson about energetic attachments and addiction.

In helping my clients, I have found that identifying the root cause of the addiction is paramount.  We need to identify and address why the person started using the substance in the first place.  Although there are sometimes imprints in the heart chakra perhaps involving someone who passed on, most clients with this problem have issues in the solar plexus.  Many of them feel lost, their sense of self is very low, and their personal power is being controlled by the addiction.  When we can identify and clear the root of the illness–in this case addiction– we can clear all imprints and increase the opportunity for full recovery.

Addiction is an illness and energetically, it’s very complex with multiple layers.  When we address all the layers, the person can really heal, but he has to want to do the work.  He has to want to move out of the vast darkness that looms around him and step into the Light .

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