The Loss of A Child

The loss of a child can be an incredibly difficult time for a parent, whether the child passes as an infant or  an adult.  I have met with many parents who have lost children and although the specifics of each experience are different, they all share a couple common feelings including both guilt and anger.  As loving parents we feel responsible for children, even after physical passings.  Many parents wonder who will look after their children?  Who will help their souls?  What parents don’t realize is that God has planned for these passings and all of the logistics are coordinated.  There are always souls of family and friends on the other side to cross children and someone will look after them; they’re never alone.  They meet with a soul group of other souls with a shared similar mission and they work together on the other side.

Often, parents feel like they’re being punished or singled out by God, when their children pass.  I have  heard parents ask, “Why did God take my child?  What did I do wrong?” This anger can cause parents to lose their faith. They have done nothing wrong.  God needs the child’s soul on the other side for a very specific purpose.

My friend, Cecelia, lost a daughter, Laura, in a sudden car crash; she was just twenty-one years of age.  Cecelia learned how to communicate with Laura.  She asked Laura to send dimes as a physical symbol.  The dimes were a reference to a childhood book Cecelia read to her daughter.  In times of distress, she found dimes in random places–she knew Laura was around her.

About a year ago, an acquaintance of mine asked me to reach out to her brother, who had passed in a sudden car accident.  Ironically as I spoke with the brother, Cecelia’s daughter came through.  She explained how she helped this man cross over, though she had no relationship to him.  She told me that on the other side, she worked with sudden accident victims.  She sent them where they needed to go as she put it.  Apparently, sometimes a sudden accident can be jarring for a soul and it can cause confusion.  Laura and others like her, work to get these souls in the right area, so they can move on.  Laura also had a plethora of information for her mother, for which I took copious notes. The next morning, I sent an email to Cecelia with the information from Laura.  She was thrilled and surprised by all the specific details Laura shared.

At the time of Laura’s passing, Cecelia had no idea why God had taken her child.  After Laura’s visit with me, Cecelia not only understood why Laura had to go to God but also why she left the Earth through a car accident.  Laura’s passing was and still is directly related to her job on the other side.

Parents share an eternal loving bond with children that supersedes physical death.  When parents understand that the souls of their children live on, they can open to a continued spiritual relationship with them.  As parents let go of grief, they will find their children lovingly waiting for them to engage in a different sort of relationship–one that involves signs, thoughts, and symbols.  When children cross over, we need to abandon hopes of physical relationships with them and embrace the concepts of everlasting spiritual relationships with them.

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