The Need for Recurring Experiences

imagesWhen we talk about vibrational frequencies, we mean the rates at which our energy moves.  The goal in this life is to vibrate at the highest possible energetic rate.  The higher we vibrate, the more we tune into our souls and align with our soul paths.  To have our vibrations stay at a high frequency, we need to shed the past, clear Karma, change life patterns, and release outdated thought forms and belief systems.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see what we need to clear in ourselves.  But fortunately, we attract exactly what we need in people and situations, so we can visualize what needs to be cleared and healed.  When we find ourselves meeting the same type of people or encountering the same types of situations, these are opportunities for us to face something within ourselves that is being mirrored in these recurring patterns.  Once we see, acknowledge, and integrate them, then we will stop encountering them.

Some patterns take most of our lives to clear and heal. For example, a woman may have had an abusive father.  She may have married a man with the same personality, as her father.  Once she heals herself and acknowledges her personal power, she may no longer need the abusive experience and she may attract something totally different type of partner in the future.  In another example, a man may find that he attracts people of the “taker” personality.  He may be a “giver” and give of his time, talent, and resources to others.  He may find that those same people he gives to are never there when he needs them.  The man may need this lesson to learn to value himself more and to set boundaries with others.  Once he does this, he may find that he stops attracting “takers” and attracts more balanced relationships.

All of these situations on a soul-level are done with love.  Those who challenge us the most, teach us the deepest lesson.  So the next time you’re struggling with someone, remove your emotions from the situation and ask yourself what he is trying to show you?  Then look at the situation with clarity and distance.  You will be shown exactly what you need to see, so you can heal, clear, and elevate your vibration.

Namaste and bright blessings always,


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