The Plight of An Empath

In the past we’ve mentioned empathic people particularly in the discussion of clairsentience. But just as a review, let’s breifly cover empathic traits.  Empathic people are also know as sensitives.  They have an ability to physically feel the energy of others.  They can sense emotions, pain, and illness of others but they use their own bodies as the vehicle for channeling this energy.  Most empaths do not consciously do this, but they are open to this energy.  There are varying degrees of empathic traits and most people walking the Earth have a degree of empathic intuition. Empathic traits can be helpful but can also be problematic, if one does not learn to regulate the energy from others.

An analogy that I like to use for the explanation for an empath is one involving the cold weather.  If a person goes outside on a very cold day without a winter coat, he will be freezing cold.  If he stays out there too long, he may get sick, or even develop hypothermia.  If an empath goes into a crowded area such as an airport, without psychic shielding his aura, he will feel overwhelmed.  If he stays there for a long period of time, he may feel ill or may even pass out.

Empathic children can often struggle because they take in the energy around them and cannot fully process it.  So, they may bounce off the walls in settings where there are a lot of people or they may retreat into themselves because they feel overwhelmed.  Empathic children are affected when there is too much energy around them.  Careful attention needs to be given to these children and they should be taught some of the exercises to block out the energy in their environments.

Empathic adults can have a similar issue in environments that contain large crowds of people.  They essentially get bombarded by emotions and energies.  These adults need to master the skill of discernment to determine what is their own energy and what they are feeling from others.  This takes some a lot of practice and time.

As a healer, empathic abilities are helpful because they can help the healer physically feel the energy of the client.  This affords the healer an opportunity to physically experience everything the client is going through during the session.  On the flip side, if the physical impressions last longer than a few seconds, they could bother the healer and create distraction during the session. I worked on a client that had very sever anxiety.  Before I began the session, I felt a sense of panic rise in my chest–like I couldn’t breathe.  As I began to work on him, the panic grew worse.  I knew it was not my own, since I did not have any issues with anxiety prior to his arrival.  I asked him if he struggled with anxiety and affirmed that is was a problem for him. I bubbled my energy and asked my guides to block out the impressions from the client during the session.  Then we worked together on the root of his anxiety manifestation.  Since most healers have some degree of empathic characteristics, they should include psychic shielding as part of a daily routine.

People with empathic traits are wonderful gifts because they truly understand how we feel, literally.  They are often the most compassionate people–trying to help others in whatever way possible. Their generous compassionate dispositions can easily be taken advantage of by manipulative people, those who like to create drama, and energy leeches. Empaths need to make sure that they don’t let the feelings of others physically affect them.  They have to employ strategies that protect their auras and regulate the energy they take in from others around them. As empathic people learn to manage and regulate their energy sensitivities,  they can enjoy the world around them and continue to spread their understanding of compassion to others–elevating everyone’s consciousness in the process.

The following is a list of solutions that empathic people can use to manage their sensitivities to the energy of others.  I use the acronym P.E.A.K. to help remember the following exercises.

1. Psychic Shield Before entering populated places cover your aura in light, and protect your energy field by blocking out anything unwanted.  It is imperative for empaths to do this, so they don’t feel overwhelmed and drained in populated places.

2. Engage Your Guides – Ask your guides to block out the impressions from other people.  It may be helpful in a healing session with a client, but you don’t need to feel everyone’s issues.

3. Always Bubble Up – When you bubble your aura, you put a protective layer around it, which limits the affects from energy fields of others.

4. Keep Your Second Chakra Balanced – The second or Sacral chakra is the energy center for clairsentience.  If it is too open, you might be taking in too much energy and feeling overwhelmed. To balance this chakra, place your palm over the area just below your naval and envision a perfect circle filled with warm orange energy.  If the circle is bigger than your palm, resize it with your hand, so it fits perfectly in your palm.  If should be spinning in a clockwise direction.  Leave your palm over this area for a minute to ensure the chakra is balanced.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is interesting. I am dealing with some kind of psychic bond that is troubling. It interferes with my ability to visualize anything at all. I can feel the difference between his emotions and mine. So that is helpful. I would like the ability to disconnect to this person. I believe he has some psychological disorders that cause severe mood swings and psychic violence. How do you disconnect from this. It has gone on for at least two years? Any suggestions?

  2. It may be that you need to bump up your psychic shield in general. There is an article on here about psychic shielding. If you find it is one person in particular, then you need to cut the cord between you and that energy. There is an article on here called “Cord Cutting” that you should read. You should cut the cord daily with this person and ask your guides to block out his energy, as well. Remember, you are always in control of your own energy. If there is someone or something around you that makes you uncomfortable, you have the ability to make it go away.

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