The Price of Trust

images-5For some of us trust can be a real issue.  It wasn’t always an issue for me, but after working in the upper echelons of the corporate world for 14 years, I learned my lessons in trusting too much and being burned by those who valued greed and manipulation, over anything else.  As a result, I struggle with my own trust issues with things that are most intimate to me–fears, new experiences, deep emotional relationships. It’s a constant push and pull because trusting others reveals my vulnerability and feeling safe–essentially casting all my fears on a screen for anyone to view. I don’t really want anyone to get too close and see that side of me–the deeply human side.  When scarring incidents with trusting others happen, rather than hold on to the hurt and push people away, maybe we can take a step back and realize that trust has to be reviewed and extended on an individual case basis.

Just because we had someone hurt us in the past doesn’t mean that a current new relationship will harm us.  As with all projection situations, we need to take a step back and detach our emotions from the situation, then we can get a clear picture of what’s triggering the projection response.  Is it rooted in a personal experience where someone violated your trust? Is it rooted in fear that is a result of someone else’s experience? Is it the fear of the unknown in a new situation? Is it a fear of being completely vulnerable?  Once we know the root, we can clear it emotionally and energetically from our fields.  By clearing and releasing the root, we can move forward in the present and future ,without the projection getting in the way. It takes work but it’s worth the effort.

If we look at our past experiences, we may see a trail of broken relationships and tattered situations knitted with a thin, torn thread of trust.  These are tangible examples of the price of trust in our lives.  We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it and live differently in the present and future.  It’s ok to love, feel, be vulnerable, and explore new experiences.  Open your heart and soul to trust, again.  It can be scary but if you don’t trust you’ll keep quilting your life with that torn thread and all the pieces might come undone and fall apart.  Trust again in your life; some people are worth the risk.

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