The Role of Grief in Healing Through Physical Death

I never had much of an issue with grief.  As a lifelong medium, I recognize death as a continuation of the life process–a transition from physical form to spirit, but never an ending to life.  Although I briefly grieved the physical losses of those close to me, I could always communicate with them and hence, they were just a thought away from me.  My clients have helped me to experience and understand grief on a very different level.

Although I have worked with clients that experienced a variety of physical losses coping with grief at various stages, a couple of groups of clients helped me learn the most about deep grief.  I’ve met many parents who’ve experienced losses of children.  Though the circumstances differed, the grief was consistent–very deep and overwhelming, like a strong current funneling them helplessly to the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean.  They bore jagged scars as pieces of their own selves were torn away with the loss. They always missed the physical connections of being able to hold, hug, kiss, and nurture their children but having the ability to connect spiritually with them helped heal the emotional wounds. They’ve received signs, symbols and dream visits from their spirit children.  All of them communicate with their children telepathically and it has changed their views of the physical passings.

Interestingly enough, I encountered a similar type of grief with adult clients who had lost a parent during childhood. It didn’t matter if the parent had passed ten, twenty, or thirty years ago.  Most of these clients had buried their grief, but when they connected to their parents those hidden scars of vulnerability immediately surfaced like tiny crabs tossed upon the sandy shoreline after a storm.  Their ropes of grief were knotted in childhood fear, deep sorrow, and loss of love. Communication to their physically-deceased parents helped heal them deeply, as layers of raw emotions melted into a new candle illuminated by security and eternal love.

Grief is a part of the emotional life process when we lose a loved one.  Since we’re in physical bodies, we mourn the physical connection with our loved ones and we miss feeling their loving connections. When we wade through the thick pain and suffering, and float to a peaceful place of healing, we open ourselves to the spiritual relationship with our loved ones, by learning to communicate with them in a different way.  Not everyone will act as a universal medium communicating with all spirits, but everyone has the ability to communicate with their own passed-on loved ones. God never takes our loved ones away from us in death.  God only changes them from physical to spiritual form, so they can be with him and us when we need them.

I’m grateful to my clients for helping me to experience and understand grief on a deeply emotional level and allowing me participate in their healing processes.  I thank God and in particular, the Holy Spirit, for giving me these abilities, so I can assist others in healing grief and opening them to spiritual relationships with their passed-on loved ones.

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