The Souls of Infants


I’m always amazed at what I learn and the process is continual.  Each healing session is different and so is the effect is has on the client, afterward.  Through my work, I gain a deeper understanding of the spirit world and life on the other side.  I enjoy sharing what I learn with others, so we collectively grow in spirit.  Recently, I encountered an infant soul, which opened my eyes to something amazing.

In a recent session, a client had several loved ones in spirit visit.  One of the souls present was that of child that had crossed over. Although I have written several articles on the souls of children and children spirits, this experience was different because the child passed to the other side as an infant.

The energy of this infant soul was so luminous and pure that I was overwhelmed by it and tears streamed down my cheeks.  Our choices and experiences affect our souls on the Earth plane.  When we pass, we take some of those imprints with us and in time, they’re cleared and healed on the other side.  For example, if someone had a drug problem and died because of it, his energy would come through as heavy and perhaps have some depressive elements or other imprints that need to be healed on the other side.  But an infant soul is dramatically different.  It has not had the time nor experience to be conditioned to many Earthly imprints.

Sometimes babies incarnate or are born with illness or disease as part of their experiences.  These experiences are meaningful to both the baby and the family.  In some cases, the baby will pass and move on in spirit and other times, it may grow with a lifelong disability.  These souls are very highly vibrational and so deeply connected to the energy of the Divine.  They present themselves as pure radiant beacons of light.  It is not something I encounter often, but the experience left me with an everlasting impression of what infants represent to the Earth; they’re Divine gifts of light and we are to nurture and love them for as long as we can.

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