The Throat Chakra – A Psychic Powerhouse

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In terms of psychic senses, people often identify the brow or third-eye chakra as the main psychic center in our bodies. Although this chakra point, houses our clairvoyance or clear seeing, the third-eye isn’t the main psychic center. Our sacral chakra is another location, which holds a psychic sense, namely clairsentience or clear feeling. The main psychic center within us, the throat chakra, houses three psychic senses rendering it the psychic powerhouse of the physical body.

Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to see without the use of physical eyes. This sight can be through the reception of mental images of people, places, or events in the third-eye. It can also be the ability to see through the illusion in things of the physical world. People who’ve developed this clairvoyance can walk into a room and see energetic imprints and images of what happened there. Clairvoyance resides in the brow or third-eye chakra. We might consider this chakra point a psychic energy generator in the body.

Clairsentience   is the psychic ability for clear sensing and feeling. People with this ability can feel emotions, as well as environmental factors such as heat, cold, though none of those things may be physically present. They are also known as empaths. This sense resides in the sacral chakra. As a teacher of psychic skills development, I find that clairsentience or clear feeling is most commonly the first psychic sense to develop in people and often precedes the development of the third eye ability. In fact people develop clairsentience without even recognizing it. People will say that they feel the energy of a loved one who has passed on. I had a client say to me, “I feel my mother’s calming energy at times of stress or conflict.” This woman perceived her mother’s energy through her sacral chakra and clairsentient psychic sense, but didn’t know it at the time. Because clairsentience is stronger in most people than clairvoyance, we might label the sacral chakra as a main generator of psychic energy in our bodies.

The throat chakra is located in the center of the throat and on a physical level is our center for communication and speaking our truths. Psychically it holds three of our senses including our clairaudience or clear hearing, clairscent or clear feeling, and clairgustance or clear tasting abilities. Housing three psychic senses makes the throat chakra the main psychic center in the physical body.

We utilize clairaudience to hear things without the use of physical, ears also know as telepathic communication or mental telepathy. We can listen to information from spirit, or hear information of past experiences or events that may be imprinted in a place. During healing sessions with clients, I always convey spirit information in the exact inflection and tone with which I clairaudiently hear it. This further validates the spirit information for my clients.

With clairscent, we can smell scents that aren’t physically present. Often when my maternal grandmother visits, she carries the scent of Christian Dior Poison perfume in her energy. It smells like someone sprayed it through the room, though I don’t have that perfume anywhere. The second I smell it, I know she’s present even before I clairvoyantly see her.

Clairgustance or clear tasting imparts the ability to taste things without putting anything physical into one’s mouth. Sometimes during sessions, I get what I refer to as chemo-nausea, which is an overwhelming sense of extreme nausea including mouth watering and a strong metallic taste in my mouth, as though I’m sucking on a penny. It’s quite horrible and when I taste this, I know right away the person in spirit received chemotherapy before passing. This is literally the worst tasting example of clairgustance that I experience. Most others are more pleasant like the taste of peppermint candy, or maple syrup.

Since the throat chakra houses more psychic senses than any other chakra point in the body, a balanced throat chakra is essential for psychic development. Healers must also give special attention to their own throat chakras as they impart valuable skills and information utilized in healing sessions. It’s important to have all chakras aligned, healthy and balanced, so our psychic senses can generate and process information together equally. But when we nature the throat chakra, we can ensure that our psychic powerhouse will function at a high energetic rate thus propelling us along our psychic paths.

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