Trust, Respect, and Responsibility With the Soul-Centered Healing Method™

The Soul-Centered Healing Method™ can be a very profound healing experience.  Many clients can realize the true root cause or causes of dis-ease in their physical, mental, or spiritual bodies. Two people of the same age and gender can develop the same type of cancer, yet their root causes can be dramatically different from each other.  There are a few key factors that need to be acknowledged for the healing to be highly effective.

The client trust in working with me is imperative.  The client’s trust level allows the energy to enter the body and heal. The client heals himself and I act as the conduit for the Divine healing energy. I am able able to see, feel, and hear experiences the client has imprinted physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  These imprints can be ones of abuse, fear, neglect, sadness, and anger just to name a few.  They’re stored in the client’s energetic body and I can perceive the energy of these experiences, call them to the client’s attention, and facilitate the client’s release and healing of them.  But I can will only perceive what the client is willing to share, which is why trust is so important in these sessions.

Respect for the client’s privacy both during and after the session is another vital component.  When I move my hands over a client’s body, I perceive information as though I’m reading a book–the book of a person’s soul.  I feel his emotions, hear his thoughts, and see his past and present experiences.  I’m completely in his energy.  I may see experiences of sexual or physical abuse or some other type of deeply personal events that might create embarrassment or vulnerability for the client.  I address these situations gingerly and with great respect.  It can be overwhelming when a complete stranger can recount things from your childhood with vivid clarity right down to the clothes you were wearing at the time of the incident.  Once again, I respectfully share the information in the most gentle and compassionate way and help the client release the imprints of the experience.  What happened in a healing session is completely confidential.  If the client chooses to share the information with others, it is his choice to do so.  But the as the  healing facilitator, I have responsibility to respect the privacy of the client and his information after the session.

The Soul-Centered Healing Method™ holds a unique place in the universe.  It help others remember how to heal themselves. It casts light in areas of darkness, where dis-ease has manifested and facilitates healing energy.  When trust, respect, and responsibility are incorporated in a Soul-Centered Healing Method™ session, the compassionate results are limitless.  Not only can a client heal physical and mental ailments; he can heal his soul.

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2 Comments to “Trust, Respect, and Responsibility With the Soul-Centered Healing Method™”

  1. dionne golding says:

    Dear Anysia
    I am very interested in your healing method, is just one healing session required? also as i am the uk is it as effective via skype

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Dionne,

      Yes, people experience deep healing results in one session. This is not the type of healing that you need to partake in every week. Most repeat clients have sessions a couple of times a year or once a quarter at the most. I can do healing sessions in person as well as via Skype. I have used Skype for clients all over the U.S. as well as internationally.The distance does not matter. All that is required is for you to give permission to allow me to work in your energy. Feel free to send any additional questions via the inquiry form on the website under the “Contact” tab. I would be happy to answer your questions.

      Love and light,