Tunneling Light and Clearing

After we communicate with spirits on any level, we want to clear the space of any residual energy.  One way of doing this is by tunneling light.  It is a method used to clear one’s own energy as well as environmental energy.

1.  Close your eyes and relax.
2.  In your mind select a color that appeals to you; it can be any color. I usually use gold.
3.  Imagine a tunnel of golden (of what every color of choice) light running from the heavens down to your head, through your body and coming out of your feet.  Once the energy reaches your feet, see it coming from your feet and funneling back up through your body and to your head.  As it reaches your head, the process gets repeated.
4.  As your body fills with the golden light, see each cell illuminate.  Feel the warmth fill your entire being.
5.  Once you have filled your body with this light, start with a section of your home.  Imagine a tunnel of this golden light funneling in a clockwise direction through a room in your house. While it funnels and spins around, see it touch everything in the room as it casts a golden aura throughout.
6.  As it finishes one room, see it move on to the next one–a golden tornado of healing light.
7.  Picture this tunnel moving through all rooms in the house as well as under the house and in any attic space.
8.  Once the tunnel has cleared each room, picture it growing larger and engulfing the entire house.
9.  As it bathes the house in a golden funnel, see it growing and spinning faster.
10.  See any unwanted energy being pulled from the tunnel and sent up to the angelic realm.
11.  Open your eyes, close the tunnel down, and enjoy the peace you have created.

In love and light,

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2 Comments to “Tunneling Light and Clearing”

  1. Alicia. Bozza says:

    I was drawn to your book yesterday at B&N…I have not been able to put it down…I have the gift as well and have already been communicating with the other side…i believe several of my children share my gift or levels of it. My Dad was from Newark, too! I love your name!! I pronounce mine more like yours reads to me…Aleeceea…I thought your name was pronounced Ahneeceea until I watched the CBS segment. I live in NJ,too…in Parsippany. I cannot wait to meet you.

    • anysiakiel says:

      I’m glad you like the book, Alicia. Perhaps we will meet at a book event in the near future. I hope you continue to develop and nurture your abilities.

      Love and light,