Understanding Soul Contracts

images-2We always talk about Karma and the lessons we have to experience in this life– the things we signed on to learn and master. Karma involves many soul contracts with the souls of those closest to us including our parents, siblings, spouses, children, family members, and friends.  Many of these lessons are challenges that can either make or break us. They test us and we have the choice to pass the test or fail. If we fail, we will get the lesson over and over again, until we have mastered it. The Universe is patient with us and gives us many opportunities to get it right.  All of this is done for our highest good and believe it or not with the deepest amount of love.

Perhaps you were born to a mother who didn’t show or express love to you, as a child.  That experience could have scarred you emotionally and you may have had difficulty connecting emotionally to others. You have the choice to take that experience and absorb it and allow it to define you, feeling unworthy of giving or receiving love, or you can see the experience through the soul’s eyes and learn from it. What could your soul have contracted for in that experience?  What could you have learned from it and how could it have helped you grow? Perhaps by her rejection, you were supposed to learn to love yourself unconditionally.  Maybe you learned about forgiveness or acceptance. In each relationship, there is a soul agreement.  The souls agree to work together to bring about certain lessons or experiences. In the above mentioned example, the child may have represented unconditional love to the mother loving her despite the maternal rejection.  So both souls had contracted for experiences.  Both souls can learn the lessons and grow or they can stay in victim mode and carry that scars through the rest of their human lives.

Sometimes both souls learn the lessons and then they move on to clear more Karma and lessons with other souls.  One example of this can be seen in marriages and relationships that end.  The souls may have come together to experience love, which may have included bringing children into the world.  Then the union may have ended for a variety of reasons with both souls having grown by the ending. But ultimately, when the souls have acquired the lessons they needed to learn, the keep moving forward in life and keep growing.  This is a hard concept for us to understand on Earth because we are conditioned to believe that marriages are supposed to last through the entire human life, but this not always the case.  When the lessons are learned, the soul agreement expires. If the souls are not afraid, they will keep moving forward on their separate paths and keep ascending.  If they stay beyond the expired contract, then they stay out of fear of the unknown and they stagnate and forfeit future growth.  In order for a marriage flourish, both souls need to continue to grow and evolve at a similar vibrational rate.  But if that does not happen and the relationship ends, we send everyone along their paths with love and light and we hold gratitude in our hearts for the ways they have helped us grow and evolve.

In this life, nothing is as it seems. We must take a step back from all experiences, detatch our emotions, and look at everything.  We should ask ourselves, “What is this really about?  What am I supposed to learn?”  All experiences here are done with love and for our growth, even situations that seem to cause harm to us.  The experiences that jolt us deeply carry the strongest lessons.  Repetitive personality types we encounter in other people will continually surface, until we understand the lessons they bring.  A taker personality may teach us to value and respect ourselves by setting limits with others.  An angry personality type may lead us to learn about inner peace.  If we can view all experiences though the eyes of the soul and identify the soul contracts and lessons, we can embrace all souls with kindness and grow deeper in Divine love.

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