Walking In Grace


Many times in our lives, we seek to control our experiences, ourselves, other people, and situations.  But often, we have very little control.  We’re always in control of our own energy but everything else is out of our hands.  Surrendering to this fact can be difficult because it means letting go of the ego. But when we let go and surrender to the Divine, we can walk in grace knowing all our initiatives are supported for whatever is in our highest intentions.  Things will work out, as they should for whatever is best for our souls.

The term “grace” has a variety of definitions based on the context in which it’s used.  For this article, we will go with the definition of –  moving through something with ease and serenity.  When we talk about grace in this capacity, we’re referring to that which comes from surrendering to the Divine process.  When we kick the ego to the curb and follow our soul’s intuition, we allow the Divine Source to flow into our lives and take us on the path that’s best suited for our souls.  We’ll experience all that in necessary and meet all the right people who will help our souls evolve.

Getting to this point of surrendering and letting go takes some work on our part.  The ego is Earth-bound and relegated to the physical body and mind but the soul is different; the soul is the essence our true selves.  It’s eternal and unconditionally loving–part of the Divine source.  When we shed the ego like an orange peel, what’s revealed underneath is sweet, beautiful, and amazing–pure goodness.  The soul is a reflection of Divine love and so the more we move into the vibration of unconditional love, the more we connect to the Divine.  This deep connection to the Divine is what bestows grace upon us.  When we let go and surrender, we’re connected to the Source and completely aligned with our soul purpose.  As we walk in grace, we’re constantly supported on our journey and we can trust that we’re on the right path.  Let go, surrender, and walk in grace!

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