What if it takes a while to get my sign?

In the past, we’ve discussed asking our passed-on loved ones for a sign.  Sometimes our loved ones do not send us our sign right away and this can be disappointing.  But we need to consider a couple of things before we let our selves get upset and think our requests have fallen upon deaf ears.  One thing we need to consider is that our family members have jobs on the other side. They always hear our requests, but they may be indisposed and not able to attend to our needs right away.  Another possible issue could be that we’ve erected a deep wall of grief, which they may not be able to penetrate.

Regardless of the reason for the delay in receiving the sign, we need to keep sending our loved ones mental messages.  As soon as they have an opportunity, they will send a sign.  We can ask for a physical sign, a musical one, or even a dream visit.  Know that our family members love us and share a deep connection.  As long as we leave the door open for them, they’ll send us a sign, as soon as they can.

Love and light,


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