What is a medium?


The concept of mediumship elicits mixed responses in people.  Some really understand it, others are cautiously intrigued, and some people blatantly deny the existence of spirits or the fact that the living can perceive and communicate with them.  As a result, I discuss my abilities with trepidation, whenever I meet new people.

I have come to realize that in many cases, mediumship makes people uncomfortable people they don’t know much about it.  For some, medumship falls into the category of mysterious unknown things hidden behind a dark grey curtain along with the possible existence of BigFoot and Nessie.  There are certain belief systems that involve mediumship and have helped provide information and clarification about spirit communication.  Spiritualism is a science and religion of continuous life based on communication with spirit through mediumship.  Spiritism is another science and religion that also holds the belief in continuous life via spirit communication and mediumship.  It is more scientific than Spiritualism because it has provided in-depth, extensive research in mediumship, the various types of spirits, and spirit communication.

Mediumship is the ability to discern and communicate with spirits.  All mediums are psychic–meaning they can perceive energy beyond the physical senses.  Mediumship takes psychic ability a step further.  Mediums can sense spirit energy, discern it, and communicate with it. Some mediums are born with abilities rendering them to communicate with spirits since they were babies.  This has been the case for me and my children.  Other mediums may have developed their abilities over time.

Mediums use their psychic senses to perceive spirit energy.  Not all mediums use the same senses because not everyone has developed all psychic senses.  For me, mediumship is very natural.  I do not enter an altered state to communicate with spirits.  I am fully conscious and can receive information through all of my psychic senses. Mediums generally use the following psychic senses in communicating with spirits:

Clairvoyance – “clear seeing” – Mediums with this ability can receive mental images from spirit.  They can describe what the spirit looked like physically.  Spirits will communicate clairvoyantly with the medium by sending pictures of places or symbols. Mediums perceive these images using their third eyes located in the center of the forehead rather than their physical eyes. Sometimes I get a visual image of what a person looked like in psychical life and I can communicate that to my client.  I may also get a visual image of a house, location, other people etc. that can be shared during a session.

Clairaudience – “clear hearing” – Mediums with this ability can receive information from the spirit realm without the use of physical ears.  This is also referred to as mental telepathy, which is the communication of information through thoughts.  Most mediums use this ability. When I use this ability with spirits, they communicate information and details about their lives on Earth through thought.  I may ask additional questions of them using my mind and they respond through thought.

Clairsentience – “clear feeling” – Mediums with this ability can perceive information and impressions through feelings.  They can feel emotions, as well as environmental factors such as heat or cold, though those things may not be physically present. With this ability mediums can feel a method of passing.  For example, I may feel tremendous pressure in my chest and then an explosion of energy in the heart.  This is a spirit’s way of communicating a passing through a heart attack.  Sometimes, I feel extreme nausea that I also refer to as chemo-nausea.  When I feel this way in a session, I know I’m communicating with someone who received chemotherapy and died as a result of a terminal illness such as cancer.

Clairscent – “clear smelling”- Mediums with this ability can smell scents without the use of the physical nose.  Often mediums will smell a certain perfume or food scent that is connected to a person that has passed.  In a mediumship session for a friend, a grandmother came through and the smell of sweet peppermint tickled my nose. My friend said his grandmother always had peppermint candies in her pocket for her grandchildren.  Sometimes my maternal grandmother, Nanny, visits in spirit form. She carries the scent of Dior Poison, which was her favorite perfume.

Clairgustance – “clear tasting” – With this sense, mediums can taste substances without putting anything into their mouths. For example, a medium might taste chocolate during a mediumship session.  Sometimes I get a strong medicine or metallic taste in my mouth during a session.  This lets me know that the person was on some type of medication at the end of life on Earth.

There are many reasons why spirits communicate with us.  They often send us signs, though we may not be open to receiving them.  Spirits may use one, a combination of, or all methods to communicate.  Some may communicate through clairaudience and clairvoyance.  Others may choose clairvoyance, clairscent and clairsentience. The choice in methods of communication is actually two-fold depending on the medium and also the spirit involved. Not all mediums have fully developed abilities. This is also the case for spirits on the other side. If this is the case with the medium, the spirit will send the information in whichever method is best for the medium, IE which ever ability is the strongest. If the medium has all abilities developed, then the spirit will send the information in which ever way is best for the spirit. As spirits evolve on the other side, they’re able to send information in a variety of ways, thus with a fully developed medium, a fully developed spirit can send information that will be perceived by all of the medium’s senses. A newer spirit may only be able to send images etc.

Mediums are on the Earth plane to facilitate communication with spirit.  They’re also here to open the door for those so those in physical form can take the steps to communicating with their passed-on loves ones.  Maybe overtime, as people become comfortable with mediumship, they’ll release their fears and open to it.  Only then will we lift the opaque curtain that hangs over mediumship.  As we do this, we’ll illuminate and reveal mediumship at a truly Divine tool enabling communication with our friends and loved ones in spirit form.

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4 Comments to “What is a medium?”

  1. Abbelina says:

    Hey Anysia
    I loved ur post. In the past 2 mnths, I went through intense starseed awakening, and overcame a brilliant enlightenment through spiritual awakening. Now, I am very well aware that I am a starseed, lightworker, and lately I realized that I am medium also.
    While unaware of my this gift, I used to talk to my inner self, to God, converse my problems, my bodily pains, and then, with course of time, I used to receive my solutions in the form of dreams, distinct sounds, queer tastes, odd touches and even while meditations I often saw colourful visuals, and often words, sentences flowed before my closed eyes, or as if i visualized them through my third eye. This happens still with me, and i really do enjoy it.
    Thing is you know, when a female psychic just days back told me that I have a latent gift, I am a medium. And then, all the things, those visions, those correspondences with invisible forces came hurling onward. And I realized that I subconsciously have been using this gift of mine since my childhood.
    Any, I wana ask you, that are there some bad spirits also? Becuz I have felt at many times while sleeping, at dark or in meditations, that m for that instance being surrounded by evil spirits. I kinda felt the odd vibes which told me, that talking with this spirit is not good, and the i would not talk, but order them to go away, and they would obey and run away. So, i am sure of this thing at my heart. But, you’re an expereiced one, so u can tel me better. There are gud spirits, wise angels, so Are there evil ones also???
    And want to learn some more tactics also..what cud i do to develop myself as a medium, and how??

    love and care

    • Blessings to you, Abbelina for opening to your abilities. As you know from the above article, I hold the belief that we all have the potential for development of psychic and mediumship abilities.

      Yes, there are lower vibrational energies that can invade our space. You will be able to feel the difference in the energy of these spirits. It is heavier and makes you feel uncomfortable. For more information about this, see the article on the blog called “Lower Vibrational Energy.”

      Before communicating with any spirits, you should psychic shield yourself to ensure that you are getting only the energy you wish to connect with. For more information about psychic shielding, please see the article on here called, “Psychic Shielding.”

      Love and light,


  2. Yeni says:

    Hello Ms. Anysia kiel,

    Is it a gift?

    I have seen a few ghosts in the past and recently a black shadow that walked infront of me and stayed in the corner of my bedroom for I say, a few seconds. I also begin to shake, have chills, drop things or get this strange feeling when something bad is about to happen.I receive messages/warnings from my deceased family members through my dreams, especially my grandmother(Mom’s Side). and things do happen.

    Is this possible?

    I greatly believe that my mother is a medium/psychic from all of the things that she has and still presently shares with me and my family.

    Is it passed on genetically? No one else in the family experiences these things.

    Your expertise opinion in appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Yeni Ezel

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Yeni,

      I prefer to refer to it as an ability, rather than a gift because I believe that everyone has it on some level. The ability to see spirits in called clairvoyance. Feeling things when they are about to happen is part of a psychic ability called clairsentience. There are articles on both psychic senses on this blog.

      In the realm of the universe everything is possible. As far as psychic/mediumship abilities inherited, from my experience I think it is more of an acceptance in a family. When one person accepts it, the abilities seem normal and so other generation are accepting as well. There is an article on here that demonstrates this further Are mediumship and psychic abilities inherited.

      Love and light,