What is a psychic?

Sometimes people think that a psychic is someone who predicts the future.  This is not entirely true.  A psychic is a person that can perceive energy in a way that transcends the senses–extra sensory perception.  There are several ways to take in energetic information including the following:

Clairvoyance – “clear seeing” – People who are clairvoyant can receive mental images of people, places, or situations using their third eyes located in the center of the forehead rather than their physical eyes.

Clairaudience – “clear hearing” – Those with this ability can receive information from the spirit realm without the use of physical ears.  This is also referred to as mental telepathy, which is the communication of information through thoughts.  Most mediums use this ability.

Clairsentience – “clear feeling” – People with this ability can perceive information and psychic impression through feelings.  They can feel emotions, as well as environmental factors such as heat, cold, though none of those things may be physically present. They are also known as empaths. They are wonderful at walking into a place and knowing exactly what happened.

Clairscent – “clear smelling”- Those who are open to this ability can smell scents without the use of the physical nose.  Often mediums will pick up on a certain perfume or food smell that is connected to a person that has passed.  They use the clairscent ability to relay this information to those on the Earth.

Clairgustance – “clear tasting” – People can taste substances without putting anything into their mouths.

Clairtangency – “clear touching” – Those with this ability can hold an object and pick up on the energetic impressions attached to it.  This is also know as psychometry and is very helpful in cases of missing persons.

Precognition is the ability in which one uses his or her psychic skills to determine future events.  I do not know many people that use their skills consciously in this way.  But I do not some clairvoyants who receive precognitive images, although they are not sure how they do it. The other thing to consider with regard to precognition is the fact that the information in the universe is constantly changing based on our intentions and actions. If we change our thought patterns on what we want to will in our lives, then the information changes and so does our future.  In my own experience, I have received precognitive information from the other side for people on the Earth plane.  In all situations, the information came through as warnings based on the current trends of the living people.  A psychic will only be able to read your current trends and tell you where you are headed based on your intentions.  But once you change your intentions, you also change your future.  I hope you find this information helpful.

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