What Kind Of Medium Are You?

Lately, when I meet new people and tell them that I’m a medium, they ask a host of questions. Do I do parties?  Do I go to people’s’ houses and do readings? Can I see anyone around them right now?  What do I think about them finding luck or money in the future?  I answer “no” to the fist three questions and for the last one, I say that I don’t give psychic advice.  People look at me quizzically and then ask, “We’ll what kind of medium are you?”

As I’ve discussed in the past, a psychic is someone who can perceive energy beyond the physical senses.  A medium is a psychic, who also has the ability to discern and communicate with spirits.  All mediums are psychic but not all psychics have developed mediumship abilities.  The reason why I don’t use my psychic abilities to give advice to others is because I don’t want to be responsible for affecting anyone’s free will. If I tell them something, they’ll base their choices in life on what I’ve said.  If I tell someone that they’ll get a great job as a teacher, perhaps they’ll be offered a fantastic job in another field first but they may turn it down because they’re waiting for that teaching job. In addition, I can only see where they are in their lives right now and what is projected before them based on their current situations.  They can make a big life change, which would alter everything else, as well.  I also feel that there are energetic and karmic ramifications of using my abilities in a way that will affect the free will of others,  so I choose not to use my abilities in this way.

I use my abilities to help heal and teach others.  I have many medium friends and they all use their abilities in different ways.  Some do readings, some are healers and teachers, many deal with helping lower vibrational energy, and others cross Earthbound souls.  The mediums you see on television are entertainers and teachers.  They use their abilities in charismatic ways that both entertain and also help open people to the concepts of the afterlife and spirit communication.  Unlike the mediums on television, I’m not always discerning spirits.  I’m a mom with young medium children and don’t want to be dealing with spirits at my son’s baseball games or my daughter’s ballet class.  So, I tune the spirits out and tune into my life. My gatekeeper guide ensures that my guidelines are followed.  I will not go to a public event, such as a dinner and discern all the spirits that are around the living and entertain the living with their stories; this not my path.  If I’m at a dinner and sense the spirits around, I simply say with my mind, “This is not the right time.”

For me, the right time is in a Soul-Centered Healing Methodâ„¢ session.  During these sessions, I’m working in the energy of my clients helping them clear the spiritual and emotional root causes of illnesses, disease, trauma, and repetitive life patterns.  As a psychic, I can see, feel, and hear what the client is storing. By addressing the root threads of these manifestations, a client can clear the associated energetic imprints and restore health and balance to the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies.  As a medium, I’m able to discern and communicate with any passed-on loved ones or spirits guides who present themselves during the session to help the client heal.

In addition to the healing sessions, I teach psychic, healing, and mediumship development classes at my Toms River, NJ office.  We all have the potential for psychic, self-healing, and mediumship development; we just need to know how to tune in.  Although I don’t believe that all people are meant to be mediums like me discerning and communicating with all spirits and teaching others, I do hold the belief that everyone has the ability to communicate with their own passed-on loved ones and friends.

I use my writings  both on this blog and in my books to help share information with others about healing and developing their abilities.  My debut book, Discovering The Medium Within: Techniques and Stories From A Professional Psychic Medium teaches people how to develop their own abilities and communicate with their loved ones in spirit.  There are all types of mediums in the world who use their abilities in different ways to help others. Mediums are on the Earth to help us learn and open to spirit.  The spirit world and Earth planes are always connected and mediums are the ones who act as conduits between the two places.

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