Who’s Ringing In Your Ears?

“Release Your Fears And Open Your Ears!”

Many people experience ringing sounds and sensations in their ears.  Sometimes there may in fact be some underlying physical issues associated with the ear ringing or tinnitus.  Perhaps a person damaged an ear drum or a nerve at an early age. As you know from reading this blog, I hold the belief that all physical manifestations of illness and disease are rooted in an underlying spiritual or emotional issue. If we have ear issues, we need to ask ourselves, “What are we trying not to hear?” When we address the underlying root causes of tinnitus, we can release and heal the condition from our energies.

As a very young child, I could always see spirits.  But whenever they visited, my ears would ring a high pitched tone followed by what I would describe as a swooshing white-noise that amplified as the spirits drew closer to me.  I could see them and feel them, but I couldn’t communicate with the spirits.  My clairaudience was not developed.  Clairaudience means clear hearing.  It is the psychic sense mediums use to hear information and communicate telepathically with spirits.

Sometimes, we have the ability to communicate clairaudiently with spirit and we resist.  It doesn’t have to be a random spirit.  It can be the spirit of a loved one that has passed or a close friend.  Perhaps I blocked out my clairaudient ability intentionally out of fear.  I often sent the spirits away and hid under my covers until the ringing in my ears stopped, which signaled the spirits had left my room.  I suffered severe ear aches and ear infections as a child.  The situation finally remidied when I was a teen, which coincidentally was also the first time I used my clairaudience to communicate with a spirit.  I never had an ear infection after that point.  From time to time in my adult life, I have experienced brief ear ringing or white noise as my clairaudient ability has fine-tuned.  I no longer resist.  I allow the refining of my ability and the ringing subsides as soon as the transition is completed.

Everyone has the potential for mediumship with their own loved ones.  If you experience ringing in your ears, ask yourself who might be trying to communicate with you?  It could be a family member or perhaps a highly evolved being such as an angelic energy.  If you psychic shield yourself, you will be protected from any lower vibrational energy.  Sit for a moment quietly and see who is trying to reach out to you.  When you release your fears, and open your ears, you may find a message of love and hope waiting for you.

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7 Comments to “Who’s Ringing In Your Ears?”

  1. diane says:

    I have this ringing in my left ear for a long time,i went to doctor but they don’t know to stop the ringing, so i looked ringing ears up my computer. And i don’t know how to clear hear, i have heard voices before,and i would look for the person or the people that were making the noise, but i never saw anyone.But i didn’t think nothing of it. I don’t know what to do,I just want the ringing to not to be so loud. thank you for listening to me

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hi Diane,

      As you know from the above article, sometimes ear ringing can be a sign that our clairaudience needs to be tuned in. The ears are governed by the throat chakra, so you can start by putting your palm over the center of your throat and balancing that energy point on your body. In addition, you may want to begin meditating, so you can work on understanding the root cause of the issue.

      Love and light,


  2. Megan says:

    Ever since I had an extreme blow (and knocked unconcious)to the head I’ve been having alot of odd experiences with my hearing (the tone in my one ear will change while the other stays the same, I get ringing in my ears often, I hear things, and I am very sensitive to noise) doctors say I’m fine but I’m struggling because no one believes me.

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Megan,

      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing ear issues. The ears are energetically governed by the throat chakra. It may be helpful for you to place your hand over this area at night and try to balance the energy there. It may also be helpful for you to meditate and ask for guidance on what this ear issue is about.

      Love and light,


  3. kay says:

    Hello I am intrigued by a lot of the things I am reading on here. As I read this a question came about. Quite a few times throughout my life I will be awakened from a deep sleep to the sound of a man with a deep voice whispering my name right into my ear. It is clear as day but when I awake I am not scared or anything else, and usually just go back to sleep. The whispering of my name usually wakes me from a sleep but I have heard whispering in my ear while awake as well, my name and the word “hello” once for example. My brother actually heard the “hello” too. Also many times I will hear music but not really realize I’m hearing music and as soon as I do realize I am hearing something, it stops. The same goes for talking. I hear what I call “cafeteria conversation” where I hear a bunch of talking but it sounds like it would if you were sitting in an open cafeteria, so I can’t really make any of it out and when I do realize I’m hearing talking or try to make it out.. it stops.. just like the music. I personally don’t think much of it but then I sometimes wonder is it because of the desensitizing by society as I grew up that caused me not to think anything of it? Does this go along with medium characteristics? And if so why do I only pick up on it when I’m not really paying attention to my surroundings.. is it because when I’m not really paying attention so I have shut the material world out and am in my own subconscious-type world, if that makes sense. My dads house was haunted growing up, and I can recall a few strange things happening in every house we lived in as well as my grandparents house. They said the hauntings stopped after they renovated but still things would happen from time to time. My dad, who was my best friend, died last year unexpectedly. I have not noticed any signs from him. I guess that’s why I am curious if the things I experience are medium-type characteristics. And can spirits/ghosts be attracted to entire families. Sorry for the length of this, I am just one of those what I call skeptical believers, even with my own experiences. I’d love to know that I get to see my dad again one day but I can’t allow myself to fully believe. I’m guessing that also has to do with societies desensitizing us to these types of things? I have an open-mind regardless and won’t be upset with whatever opinion you have for me. Sorry for the length of this and thank you for your time!

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Kay,

      You ask a a lot of questions here, so I am going to try to answer all of them. With clairaudience, we can hear things that are not physically present. We can also hear information through thought, rather than hearing it audibly. I am unsure if you are audibly hearing these things or hearing through your psychic sense of clairaudience. There are other characteristics of mediumship, as I have mentioned in the article on here called “What is A Medium?” Basically mediums take psychic ability a step further because they have not only developed their psychic senses but are also able to discern and communicate with spirit. I do not know if it is a mediumship trait for you because you are not listing any other abilities that you have had open in the past such as seeing spirits, or feeling them, or smelling them or tasting things from spirit.

      In houses that have spirit activity it is one of two things: Either the home has existing energy in it from previous owners or perhaps the land, etc, or someone in the house is attracting energy because one of the physically living residents has the ability to sense spirit. As far as spirits being attracted to entire families– not generally unless the spirits need help and are attracted to members of the family who can perceive them.

      I think the greater issue here is one of your spirituality. It seems like you are struggling in that arena especially since you say that you cannot fully allow yourself to believe that you will meet your father again. Why is this the case for you? The soul is eternal and our loved ones are connected to us. You may want to read the article on here called, “Is Everyone A Medium?”

      Our loved ones try to reach us through signs, symbols, and dream visits. But if we are closed off, we will dismiss their forms of communication. Your father is not gone. He has just changed from physical form to spirit form. Once you accept this concept, you will find him waiting to continue a spiritual relationship with you.

      Love and light,


  4. Lee says:

    Hello there,

    I have been diagnosed by multiple shamans that I am going to be a shaman. I’ve experienced many strange things; but usually strange noises like thumps from my room. I cannot seem to pick up where these thumps are coming from. I can sense the present of spirits, but I don’t see them. There are many times when my ears would ring and sometimes if I asked a question, I would get chills up my head. There were few times when I asked if anyone is present in my room and I would hear thumps right in front of my faces.

    I do believe that my spirit guides are trying to communicate with me. I’ve seen them in my dreams.

    Only once, did I heard a voice whispered into my ear, but it was at my dad’s house and I became paralyze afterward. I can sense that it was not a good spirit, but a demon.

    I’m glad I stumble upon your page because every time when my ears begin to ring, I’m always trying to communicate with whatever it is, but I cannot yet.

    Btw, do you meditate? When I meditate, I see a blue glowing light coming and disappearing.. sometimes, I see outline of faces in darkness during my meditation. Sometimes, my eyes twitch uncontrollably when I see these outline of faces.