Why Do Spirits Visit Us?

I’m often asked why spirits visit us on Earth, once they’ve crossed over.  If they’re on the other side, why would they want to leave eternal bliss and come back here? We often hear of their jobs on the other side, so how can they leave and visit us? There can be several reasons why spirits visit the Earth.  The purpose of a spiritual visit depends on the needs of the person on Earth being visited, but most often spirit visits are meant to help us heal.

It was Easter Sunday–a full year after my paternal grandmother had passed.  Though she hung around a bit before her funeral and gave me a couple of signs, we had not heard from her since.  My father seemed a little blue that whole year, as he missed the love of his mother. As we sat packed like sardines in the church listening to the priest’s homily, my older sister, Adrienne began wiping tears off her cheeks with her fingertips.  I gave her a shove with my elbow as if to ask, “What’s your problem?” At seventeen, I was acutely afraid of being embarrassed in public and her behavior had the potential to cause a scene.  Her tears quickly turned into sobbing.  I sank down in my seat as the other parishioners turned their heads and starred with quizzical eyes.

My mother handed her some tissues and Adrienne patted her face with them. In the meantime, a tiny elderly woman with a wooden cane sat in the seat next to Adrienne, which was one of a handful of available seats left in the church. She also blocked my view from the rest of the starring parishioners, which I welcomed with gratitude.  The sweet woman smiled politely and I thought she had a wonderful friendly vibe about her.  A few minutes later, my sister excused herself to the bathroom and returned with a fresh, tearless face.

After mass ended, my mother asked Adrienne why she had become upset.  My sister tearfully said that she saw my paternal grandmother, “Grandma,” on the other side of the church.  Grandma wore her Sunday best–a peach dress, white gloves a white satin purse.  My sister said Grandma waved to us and seemed like she wanted to take the empty seat next to our family, but the elderly woman got there before her.  After the woman sat in the seat, my sister looked up and Grandma disappeared.

As my sister shared her story, tears glistened in my father’s eyes.  Unbeknownst to all of us, as a staunch Catholic, he had prayed every day since his mother’s passing.  He asked Jesus to give him a sign that his mother was OK.  In the Catholic religion, Easter celebrates Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  For my father, having a sign from his mother on Easter Sunday was very special.  We also later remembered that we had in fact buried her in that same peach dress with her white purse.

My grandmother has come through several times over the years, but that first visit was the most important.  The reassurance of his mother’s love mended my father’s wounded heart.  Had he told us about his heavenly request, the visit would have been less effective. But since none of us knew about it, the visit was purely divine.  Our passed-on loved ones visit when we need them.  They provide guidance, love and support.  We should take comfort in the fact that even though they’re busy on the other side, they can be here for us, when we need them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful story, Anysia. I could not help but wonder as I was reading, since your sister lost of the image of your grandmother when the elderly lady sat next to her, was that your grandmother sitting next to your sister??? Anyway, that is what I would like to think.

    I look forward to the day I can see my parents even just for a few seconds.

    Thanks for always inspiring! Ginny~ThePennyFriends

  2. Thank you for your comment, Ginny. It is very interesting that my grandmother disappeared and the elderly lady sat down in the open seat next to us. Sometimes our clairvoyant skills are not completely developed but that does not preclude us from seeing our passed-on family members. They may always come to us through dream visits http://communicatingwithspirits.blogspot.com/search/label/exercise-ask%20for%20a%20dream
    Love and light to you,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing this story. My heart is filled with such sorrow over the loss of my mom.

  4. I am very sorry for the loss of your mother. I am glad you have found the blog article helpful. You may want to try two of the exercises on here to reach out to your mother, when you are ready. They are listed on this blog as “Exercise- Asking for A Dream” Visit and “Exercise – Asking for A Sign”. Love and light to you as you heal through your loss.

    Love and light,


  5. maggie says:

    my mum passed into spirit in 1995 she has never come to me she went and saw my nephew he was afraid because she stood in the corner of his room he was afraid he saw a blue glow around her . my father passed just over a year now there is never a day that doesn,t go by the i don,t miss them both . 4 years ago my late husband passed to spirit and every so often he would visit me. i can sense him around i would love to have him back in my life i have often wondered what heaven is like . the moral to this our loved ones will always be there they can hear every word we say to them we just cant hear what they say to us by knowing they are close is a lovely feeling to have .

    • anysiakiel says:

      Yes, Maggie. You are correct. They are still connected to us and they can hear us. We cannot always hear them because they communicate through thought. You might want to read the article on here called, “Signs of Spirits.” It is a lovely feeling to know that they are always close to us.

      Love and light,