Why Does God Take Our Loved Ones From Us?

Sometimes when our loved ones pass, we feel as though God has taken them from us.  We may feel like God has singled us out or punished us by taking our loved ones from the Earth plane.  These feelings can compound deep grief with strong emotions of anger. Our emotions can create a veil of darkness, blocking us from light that would heal us.

Physical death is a transition. Though their physical bodies are gone, the souls of our loved ones–the essences–live on in the afterlife with God. Our loved ones have simply changed from a physical form to a spiritual one.  This spiritual form allows them to transcend space and be with us when we need help and also be with God in the spirit realm.

When loved ones pass, the souls returns to God and continue to grow and evolve.  God has specific purposes for all souls on Earth.  On the other side, the souls may continue those purposes (if their time was cut short) or some souls will begin new purposes.

Once we understand that our loved ones are still around us as spirits, we can take the steps to continue spiritual relationships.  Only then do we pierce the dark grief clouds allowing rays of light to shine again in our lives.  When we let in the light, God helps heal our grief-stricken hearts with love and illuminates our lives.

God does not take our loved ones from us, nor does God abandon us in our times of sadness.  We are the ones that sometimes shut God out by the darkness of our grief.  God is benevolent, loves us unconditionally, and allows our loved ones to still be with us in spirit form.  This is a magnificent gift, if we are willing to accept it.  Our loved ones are only a thought away from us. We just need to unwrap this gift of spirituality from God.  When we open it, we find the spirits of our loved ones waiting there for us.

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