Witnessing Unconditional Love

Sometimes we are called to certain places and we think we’re going for one reason, but there is something greater than we could have imagine waiting for us.  It has taken me about six weeks to write this post because it touched my heart so deeply that I needed time to process it. I have witnessed occurrences of love in my work mostly with clients and their loved ones in spirit.  But this experience opened my eyes to a love of a different sort.

A friend of mine from middle school, asked me to visit her friend in a nursing home.  He had lost oxygen to his brain from a heart issue. The incident caused severe brain trauma and he was in a somewhat immobile state for more than 2.5 years. Although he could clearly hear and see and could blink his eyes and squeeze his hand in response to questions, he could not verbalize and had very little voluntary muscle movement.  My friend knew I could communicate telepathically with people who could not verbalize and she asked if I could visit him and see if I could communicate with him.

When I arrived at the nursing home lobby, I met his mother, a well-dressed, perfectly groomed woman in her early 70s.  She was pleasant and polite and led me to his room.  He was sleeping in a recliner.  But, as soon as I put some lavender essential oil on my finger tips, he woke and his eyes scanned the room.  I think he smelled the scent and was looking for the source.  His mom told him who I was and that I was there to help him.  I looked around the room and there was an 8×10 picture of him hanging on the wall in his Marine uniform.  He was a tall, strong, handsome man before his injury.  His body was much thinner now. It was hard to believe that the man in the bed in front of me was the same man in the picture.

I smiled and gently placed my hands on top of his head.  He immediately moved his torso and legs forward in response to the energy.  I heard him say, “What is this Voodoo shit she’s doing to me?”  I repeated it out loud for his mom to hear and she chuckled and said, “That’s exactly what I would expect him to say.”  I said that it was great that he could feel the energy.  His mom nodded her head in agreement. She moved closer and explained everything to him.

Once he realized I could verbalize his thoughts, he told me things that he had been meaning to say to his mother.  They were deeply loving things; she and I cried, as I relayed his beautiful words.  His mother visited him every single day at the nursing home for 8-1o hours a day. Her unending love for her son touched my heart so deeply.  I watched as she held his hand and talked about her day to him.  He settled and allowed the energy to work through him.  His mom asked if it relaxed him and he squeezed her hand affirmatively.  I moved down to his feet to ground him a bit.

My friend walked in the room and apologized for being late; she got busy at work and could not leave the office earlier.  I could see she was tired from her day.  She went over to his bedside and caressed his arm gently and began talking to him.  He started to think of the things he has wanted to tell her.  I relayed his thoughts and once again, we were all crying because they were things that both his mother and my friend always believed he felt about them but his thoughts were validating.  My friend began moving his arms and doing some physical therapy with him. At the time of the accident, the two were dating and though now he could not give her any affection in return anymore, she still visited him 3-4 nights a week for 4-5 hours.  She told me that she felt that she could not abandon him and she had to do whatever she could to help him.

We were able to help make him more comfortable, as I relayed some of his thoughts.  He kept doing a movement where he would lunge forward every few minutes.  He was lying down too flat and it was causing a choking sensation for him, so they adjusted his bed higher and it eliminated the choking sensation and he relaxed more. There was also an issue with his feeding tube getting backed up and a gas pocket from air in the tube causing abdominal pain. My friend called in the nurse and remedied the issue immediately.

Though I continued to work on him for a couple of more hours, I knew I was there not only for him but I was called there to learn.  In my upbringing, love was conditional based on behaving a certain way and expressions of love were not readily presented.  When I had my son, Brayden, I had to learn to be loving and nurturing.  He was very loving to me and I reflected that love back to him.  My daughter, Briella, helped me grow deeper in that love.  But in this experience, I was seeing two women being totally unconditionally loving and nurturing and it was so pure.  It moved me so deeply; I had never seen anything like it in my life.  It demonstrated and helped me to really understand unconditional love.  Sometimes, when we see an example of something, we are able to imitate it.  By seeing this experience of love, it was helping me understand love on the deepest level.

When I was getting ready to leave, my friend walked outside with me.  I said I would come back each week for a few hours to work with him because we had already seen improvements during the first session.  She said that his mother would want to pay me. I refused because I although I was there to help him but I was already being paid with the lessons of love that I was learning and those lessons for me were priceless.

She cried as hugged me and said,”You make me believe that there really are good, kind people in this world.  I’m so grateful to you for your kindness.”  I said that I was grateful she called me to be part of the beautiful experience there.  I told her that I never seen a more pure expression of unconditional love than on that day with a mother visiting her son daily for 8-10 hours and my friend going 3-4 times a week.  They were doing it because they loved him and would never give up on him.  He may never walk again or get out of the bed but he will always know and feel their love; unconditional love is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

Real love is consistent 
It is selfless and never abandons
Real love is unconditional
It is pure and eternal
I have witnessed this with my own eyes; it has changed my heart forever.

Anysia Marcell Kiel

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