Working With The Angelic Realm



Angels have always been around to help guide and support us but they will only intervene upon our request.  They will never insert themselves without approval.  Engaging the angelic realm can really accentuate our lives on Earth.  When we learn how to work with the angels, we can call on them any time we need assistance.  They may even send us signs to validate their visits and support.

The angles are non-human, Divine messengers who intercede for us—a connection between the Divine realm and Earth plane.  They can help us in many ways but here is a list of some primary ways they may assist: Resolve conflict, find solutions and new ideas, increase our vibrations, bring peace and love in our lives, and relay our messages to and from the spirit realm.  They are here to assist us but just like spirit guides, they will only engage after you ask them.  They will not insert themselves without approval because they do not want to affect our free will.

To engage the angels, you just need to use your mind and ask for their help.  You can also do this by asking verbally.  I always ask the angels to help support a peaceful vibration in my home at night, so everyone can rest comfortably.  If I know someone is ill, I will ask the angles to help support that person for whatever is in their highest intentions.  If a friend is working through conflict, I will ask the angels to support that friend during the difficult time.  The angelic realm is always listening to our requests, whether they are verbal or non-verbal.

Sometimes the angels will send us signs to validate their visits. Feathers are something that humans associate with angels because in most artist depictions, angels bare lofty feathered wings.  Often, after we have requested something from the angelic realm, we find feathers.  We may see tiny feathers floating in the air.  We may also find them in the most obscure places.  If we ask for a sign, they will send us one and if we miss it, they’ll send another one.  You may also recognize the angels by their loving vibration.  They vibrate at a higher rate than most human spirits.  When they’re around you feel filled with love.

God’s angels are always ready to support us.  All we have to do it ask.  When we include the angelic realm, our lives flow in a gentle loving rhythm.  They can really enhance our lives in a beautifully loving way.  Look for the gentle symbol of feathers that they send to let you know they’ve been around you!

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