Discovering The Medium Within:  Techniques and Stories From A Professional Psychic Medium by Anysia Kiel

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What if every person in the world held the ability for mediumship, but didn’t know it?  Discovering the Medium Within tangibly answers this question.  It’s one medium’s journey of acceptance and the awakening of the ability in others along the way. The story weaves together a myriad of characters. It reveals a magnificent tapestry colorfully threaded together by awareness, communication, and universal connectivity.

Not everybody will connect with all spirits, but everyone can communicate with their own deceased loved ones.  At the end of the book, readers can participate in the methods section, which demonstrates the various spirit communication forms and specific exercises used in awakening mediumship abilities.  Sometimes, the universe conveys important information that can change humanity, if heard. The message in Discovering The Medium Within can change the way we view physical death.  It empowers readers to step beyond the physical and continue a spiritual relationship with passed-on loved ones.


Winner -2015 The Indie Spiritual Book Awards

TISBA 2015sm


Winner -2014 New England Book Festival Award






Winner – 2013 USA Best Book Award

Best Book WINNER Small



Gold Medal Winner – 2013 Living Now Book Awards


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