Medium Anysia Kiel “Live From the Couch” on CBS – New York


August 14, 2015 Winner – 2015 The Independent Spiritual Book Awards
January 1, 2015 Winner – 2014 New England Book Festival Awards
November 14, 2013  Winner –  2013 USA Best Book Awards
September 4, 2013  Gold Medal Winner – 2013 Living Now Book Awards


May 17, 2013      CBS NY “Live on The Couch”

Featured Print Media

September 27, 2017 The Sand Paper Ocean County Library Branches Hosting Talk by Healing Medium
Anysia Marcell Kiel’s visit to the Long Beach Island branch of the Ocean County Library is featured.

September 18, 2017 Asbury Park Press Local Ocean County Healing Medium Visits Various Branches of the Ocean County Library
The Ocean County Library highlights the 14 library branch tour for Anysia Marcell Kiel’s latest book, Discovering the Healer Within.

August 1, 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide Author Interview
Llewellyn Worldwide interviewed Anysia about her new book, Discovering the Healer Within.

July 26, 2017 Forked River Gazette Ocean County Library Hosts Healing Medium and Author, Anysia Marcell Kiel
Ocean County Library Announces the 14 branches that will host book events for the release of Discovering the Healer Within.

February 1, 2016 Associated Humane Societies Humane News
In the article, Anysia and Brayden spend time at the animal shelter scanning shelter dogs and balancing their energy.

June 1, 2015 Associated Humane Societies Humane News
Anysia and her son, Brayden, who shares in the same abilities visited the Popcorn Park Zoo and animal shelter and provided some much needed healing energy to the animals.

April 1, 2015 Associated Humane Societies Humane News
Anysia and her children visited the zoo and scanned some of the cats and dogs there.

December 8, 2014 Asbury Park Press Small Business Spotlight. In this article, Soul-Centered Healing, LLC.  was featured and Anysia Kiel was interviewed about her company and the services she provides to her clients.

 October 1, 2013   Associated Humane Societies Humane News
This article highlights Anysia’s visit to the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, NJ.  Anysia scanned some of the animals and gave them healing energy.


Featured Online Media

September 19, 2017  Screenny News and Articles
The article highlights the 14 branch book tour that Ocean County Library was hosting for the book launch of Discovering the Healer Within

September 9, 2014   Ocean County Library Ocean County Library Connections
The article recaps the Discovering The Medium Within book signing and discussion sponsored by the Waretown branch of the Ocean County Library

November 15, 2013  LLewellyn Worldwide The LLewellyn Journal
The article highlights all the Llewellyn author winners and finalists in the 2013 USA Best Book Awards.

September 9, 2013 LLewellyn Worldwide The LLewellyn Journal
This article features Discovering the Medium Within as a Gold Medal Winner in the 2013 Living Now Book Awards.


Published Articles

August 28, 2017   The Llewellyn Journal “5 Signs That Your Energy Needs Aligning”
August 25, 2017   The Llewellyn Journal “Exercise: Connecting to the Higher Self”
January 30, 2017  Body & Soul Magazine “Shifting Our Thoughts: Is An Upgrade Needed?”
May 1, 2013   The LLewellyn Journal “Exercise: Asking For A Dream Visit From A Loved One In Spirit”
April 22, 2013  The LLewellyn Journal “The Throat Chakra-A Psychic Powerhouse”


Latest YouTube Video:

Ocean County Library Interview of Anysia Marcell Kiel, Author & Healing Medium


Press Releases

8/23/17         Fiction Addiction Announces A Book Discussion & Signing With Anysia Marcell Kiel
7/26/17         Ocean County Library Announces 14 Branch Book Tour for Anysia Marcell Kiel
6/1/17           Llewellyn Worldwide Announces Release of Discovering The Healer Within
1/1/15           New Jersey Author Gains New England Book Festival Award
6/1/14           Soul-Centered Healing, LLC. Relocates Office After Fire
11/14/13       New Jersey Author Wins USA Best Book Gold Award
10/8/13        Soul-Centered Healing LLC, Announces Release of New Audiobook
9/9/13          New Jersey Author Wins Book Award
4/19/13        Author Anysia Kiel Celebrates Release of New Book
12/20/12      Soul-Centered Healing Supports Karma for Cancer
9/18/12        Soul-Centered Healing Founder Signs Book Contract
5/10/12        New Office Press Release


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