Soul-Centered Healing Sessions Utilizing the Soul-Centered Healing Method™

Anysia is unlike traditional mediums who do readings, she is a healing medium.  She is the founder of the Soul-Centered Healing Method,™ which utilizes high vibrational, Divine energy.  The method not only heals on a soul-level but it also includes engaging those in spirit on the other side to help facilitate healing for their loved ones on Earth.  Read more about the Soul-Centered Healing Method™ and how it can help you.  Learn more about what to expect in a healing session with this specialized method.
$250.00 per one-hour individual session      
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(appointment times are set for weekdays, Wednesday and Thursday evenings during the week, and Saturdays and Sundays during the day.  There is a 2 (two) month wait for all new client sessions).