Soul-Healing Sessions Utilizing the Soul-Centered Healing Method™

Anysia is unlike traditional mediums who do readings, she is a healing medium.  She is the founder of the Soul-Centered Healing Method,™ which utilizes high vibrational, Divine energy.  The method not only heals on a soul-level but it also includes engaging those in spirit on the other side to help facilitate healing for their loved ones on Earth.  Read more about the Soul-Centered Healing Method™ and how it can help you.  Learn more about what to expect in a healing session with this specialized healing method.
$150.00 per one-hour session  

(appointment times are set for evenings during the week and on Saturdays during the day)


Monthly Tea and Guided Healing Meditation

Anysia offers a monthly tea and guided healing meditation at her office in Toms River.  The meditation theme changes each month. The meditation is an opportunity for people to tune out all the earthly things around them and tune into their souls, while healing aspects of themselves and their lives.
$20.00 per person

For specifics about the monthly tea, please view the following link.