-Soul-Centered Healing Method™


beachanysiakiel1Anysia Kiel is a healing medium who utilizes The Soul-Centered Healing Method™ –a system of healing founded by Anysia that incorporates Divine energy.  The method identifies and releases the spiritual and emotional root causes of illness, disease, trauma, and repetitive life patterns.  By addressing the root threads of these manifestations, a client can clear the associated energetic imprints and restore health and balance to the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies.

Although many people are aware of their life experiences, they may not be conscious of how those occurrences are stored in their bodies and how they consequentially affect them.  The method ascertains that we are a culmination of our ideas and experiences.  Sometimes those ideas and experiences create energetic marks that keep us from moving forward.  When we clear our souls of these impressions that hold us back, we’re free to be ourselves and continue on our souls’ paths.

The Soul-Centered Healing Method™ is one, which imparts a great deal of trust between Anysia and her clients.  She is essentially in the client’s energy facilitating the shift and release of experiences and imprints.  As a psychic, Anysia is able to perceive energy beyond the physical senses.  In the healing sessions, she sees, feels, and hears what the client is storing including past trauma and instilled ideas or impressions. She calls these root issues to the client’s attention and together with the aid of Divine energy, the client chooses to clear and release them.

As a medium, Anysia is able to discern and communicate with any loved ones or spirit guides who present themselves during the sessions to aid in the healing process.  The Soul-Centered Healing Method™ imparts deep spiritual healing, moving beyond physical manifestations and clearing root issues affecting the soul and its development.

The price for a one-hour, single client Soul-Centered Healing™ session is $250.00