-What to Expect

What To Expect In A Healing Session

A typical one-hour session using the Soul-Centered Healing Method ™ entails many aspects of healing.  At the onset, the client is reclined on the massage table, fully clad.  If for some reason a client is uncomfortable reclining, he can sit up in a chair.

I begin the session with a brief prayer to invite the Divine light and protect the space with the highest vibrations of light and love. Then I hold my hands about 12 inches above the client and scan the energy field.  While moving my hands over the client’s body, I hear, see, and feel the experiences and imprints the client is storing.

Initially, I make a mental note of the areas, which need the most work. I will place my hands over them and see what the client is storing.  I will pull on the energy and find where it is rooted. Though someone may have a heart manifestation, it may be rooted in a root chakra experience such as abuse or parental rejection. I am less concerned about any physical manifestations of illness and more concerned with their root causes.

Throughout the entire experience, I communicate everything I find with the client.  The client decides whether or not he is ready to release the imprints.  If he does want to release them, I will pull the threads of the energy and facilitate the release.  After I work on the primary focal points, I will pull all the energy down through the feet.  Then I will go back to the areas where I worked and fill them with Divine light and positive attributes.  I scan the body a second time to work on ancillary areas.  I repeat the process  of clearing and releasing imprints and I replace them with Divine light and positive attributes.

If there is anyone in spirit form connected to the client that shows up during the session, I will see, hear, feel, and smell any scents associated with them.  I will ask the client for permission to allow these energies to enter the session.  If approved, the spirits will relay information that is helpful to the client and his healing.  Sometimes passed-on loved ones stay during the entire session and assist in the process.

The Soul-Centered Healing Method™ is one, which unites the practitioner and client in a trusting bond.  Though I can see, feel, and hear the experiences that my client is storing, I cannot release the imprints without the client’s approval.  If a client is open and willing to heal himself, he can heal deeply—on a soul level.

The price for a one-hour, single client Soul-Centered Healing session is $150.00