Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is a necessary task, which should be completed daily.  Everyday, we connect our energy to others and sometime we don’t even do it intentionally.  But, when we fail to cut cords, we create a drain on our energy source that can affect us dramatically.

Before we get into the cord cutting exercise, I would like to share a story in which I learned about cord cutting the hard way.  A family member was in a local hospital about 10 miles from my home.  As I visited the hospital, I notice it was a haven for lost and confused energy. At hospitals, people often die and kind of stick around because they’re not sure what happened or where to go.  They may be directed by their guides, but they sometimes resist because of earthly attachments.

As I left the hospital, I thought of including it in my evening ritual of tunneling and clearing.  So after I cleared the house that night, I envisioned the hospital.  I pictured the tunnel of light going through each floor and clearing the space.  Then I pictured it engulfing the entire hospital and all energies connected to it were funneled through the top and up to the heavens.

About three nights later at 2:00 in the morning, the smoke alarm in the upstairs hallway blared without any smoke and woke the entire house.  My husband took the batteries out and when I walked into the hall, I saw a dark-haired middle-aged man in a hospital gown.  I asked he why he was there and he said he wanted to get a message to his wife. He had passed of a heart attack at a construction site earlier that day and wanted me to tell his wife that he was ok.  I called to my guides and asked them to aid him in crossing.  Then everyone went back to bed.

The next night, the same thing happened.  In the early morning, the smoke alarm in the upstairs hallway sounded.  My husband took it down.  This time, an elderly man stood in the hallway.  He too, sported a lovely hospital gown.  He did not want to cross because he wanted to reach his family.  When I asked him how he got to my house he said he followed the light.  Again, I asked my guides to aid him in crossing.  Then I sat on my bed and asked my guides, “What’s with these people in hospital gowns?”

Although not much was said, I was shown an aerial view of my house and it was lit up in light.  Then there was a light-bridge that connected my house to the hospital.
“Still think it’s a good idea to clear the hospital every night, kid,” my guide, John, asked?  I thought I was doing something good.  But by not cutting the cord each night between my house and the hospital, I had essentially created a wide-open bridge.  I might as well have put a sign up that said, “Spirits welcome here anytime.” Even if they weren’t looking for a medium, spirits were attracted to house because of the light.  I’m actually lucky that my house wasn’t flooded with energy.

I thanked my guides for helping me and I immediately cut the cord between my house and the hospital.  Although we can connect our energy to other people or places, we need to cut the cords to avoid an energetic issues.

Cord Cutting Exercise

1.  Close your eyes and relax
2.  Envision your entire body in a tunnel of light
3.  Next ask your guides to allow you to see all the cords connected to you both those you consciously and unconsciously connect to.
4.  Now envision all the cords being  cut away from your tunnel of light (be sure to pull them all out by the root and send them into the Light).
5.  Watch them fall to the center of the Earth
6.  Take a moment and feel the jolt as you pull your energy back into your aura
7.  Feel how light you are without all those cords pulling you down and tying you to other people and places
8.  Enjoy the sense of weightlessness and peace you have created.
9.  Thank your guides and the universe for aiding in this process.

In love and light,


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