Do you see spirits?

Sometimes we see things out of the corners of our eyes–quick flashs of light, or fleeting shadows.  Many times we dismiss these sights as things we’ve imagined.  But they may be visits from spirits.  In general, spirits vibrate at a higher frequency than humans.  It may seem like they move quickly but since we vibrate at a slower rate, we struggle to see them.  I hold the belief that everyone has the ability to perceive spirits, especially those of passed-on loved ones or friends.

The psychic ability used to see spirits is called clairvoyance and means clear seeing. Clairvoyant ability resides in the sixth chakra located in the center of the forehead and is commonly referred to as the third eye. Some people are born with their third eyes wide open and are able to see spirits as three dimensional beings using both their regular eyes and third eyes. This has been the case in my life and is also true for both my children.  Other people may cultivate this sense over time.

For those not born with this ability, clairvoyance evolves in stages.  Initially, people may sense colors with the third eyes. They may view them and vibrating and pulsating hues. As they learn to meld their third eyes with their physical eyes, they might see spirits as orbs of color. When this sense advances, they may notices flashes of fuzzy whiteness or speckled colored dots using their physical eyes.  I have often heard people refer to this stage as seeing tiny sprinkles of moving colors like rainbow sprinkles from an ice cream cone suspended in air.

In the next stage of advancement people may see the colors take form. Sometimes people see a bright light that is shaped like a human body.  Others may see translucent pulsating lines that form the outline of a human body.  These two developments come right before someone fully sees spirits.  In working with my clients on psychic skills development, I have found a direct correlation between fear and the advancement of clairvoyance. The strength of this ability depends on the level of fear in people.  The less fear, the more openness to see spirits. As people release their fears, they also elevate their vibrations.  This helps in the perception of spirit.  The higher rate humans vibrate, the better they will be able to perceive spirits.

The last development of clairvoyance is being able to see the details of spirits with both the third eye and the use of physical eyes. People with this level of clairvoyant ability will be able to describe the physical attributes the spirit had in life such as hair color, body shape, and body size.  They will also perceive the clothing the spirit is projecting such as a hat, shoes, pants etc. Although the spirit no longer needs or uses any of these things that pertain to the physical world, he will convey them so his spirit is identifiable to the person in physical form. Everyone holds the internal wiring for clairvoyance, it us just a matter of connecting those wires to see the spirit projections in the physical world.

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4 Comments to “Do you see spirits?”

  1. Seth Mullins says:

    Hi Anysia,

    You have a clear way of articulating a subject that can oftentimes bring up fear and misunderstanding for people. It's refreshing to hear someone say that this ability is innate in all of us, and that's something I agree with. My clearest communications have thus far come from my dreams, though I have several times experienced the “ice cream sprinkles”. :) Kind regards – Seth

  2. Thank you for your comments. Yes, I believe we all have these abilities. Dreams are an easy way for spirits to communicate with us because our defenses are down. If you let go of your fears, your “sprinkles” will begin to take shape.

    Love and light,


  3. misty says:

    My daughter is 3 years old and I am sure she sees spirit a lot! In the beginning it didn’t scare her at all, we weren’t sure if it was her imagination or not but as time went on we were certain she was seeing them and recently some have begun to scare her. She never sleeps! I am curious if you have any advise on how to help her embrace it and not be scared of it , or is this something she will out grow.

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hello Misty,

      You can do the tunneling light exercise on here. You may also try one of the methods listed in the psychic shielding exercises.
      It is startling for a little one to see a stranger in her room, but if she knows it is someone connected to her, she may not be afraid. Maybe you can ask her if she is seeing female or male spirits and what they look like. It might be someone that is connected to you and is visiting her. If you tunnel the house and clear each night, she will rest soundly.

      Love and light,


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