Healing and Integrating the Shadow Self






Everyone has a part of themselves that they keep inside.  We only show this dark side of us to those who we feel safe with–those we aren’t afraid of losing or those who we know won’t run away from us in fear.  The shadow self is that dark part in ourselves comprised of fears, anger, sadness, and any other thing that isn’t totally light. Our shadow self exists symbiotically with our light self and every now and then the shadow gets triggered by something and rears its head like a gray tornado spinning out of control and pulling in everything in its path.  But what we don’t realize is that when the shadow self emerges, it is an opportunity  to heal and integrate it, so we can be whole.

Everyone has different shadow self issues based on their life experiences. Shadows are created by situations that have scarred us or imprinted us negatively.  For example – you made have grown up with an angry parent. Perhaps anytime you witness anger, it triggers deep fear in you and causes you to run away from it.  This fear is a shadow issue that needs to be healed in you.  The trick is recognizing the shadow self and the triggered active memory that is driving the current behavioral response. When we recognize that anger in a current situation is not the same as what we witnessed as a child with an angry parent, we are acknowledging the shadow self and bringing light to it.

Another way shadow self issues are brought to the surface is through relationships with other people.  We talk about people being mirrors for us. Some people reflect in the depths of our souls the shadow issues that need to be healed.  By their words or actions, they trigger the shadows, which are brought to our conscious awareness, so they can been healed.  These people are mirrors for our souls and are sent to help us heal.  As we recognize the patterns of the triggers, we can search for the root of the shadow.  Once we know the root, we can acknowledge it, understand, and integrate it into our energetic field.

There is a shadow self in all of us. If we try to shut it out, we will never be whole.  Rather that trying to hide it or run away from it, welcome it with awareness.  Identify what the issues are rooted in and face them with deep self-love.  When we do this, we heal the shadow issues and integrate them into the light of our soul.  We are all Divine beings and once we heal the shadow issues, we become luminous.

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