Nurturing Old Souls

2 We have heard the term old soul and identify it with one who has wisdom beyond his years.  Often we use it to distinguish precocious little children who baffle us with the their insights and in-depth perceptions of life.  But it is actually much deeper and more spiritual than we may think.

Old souls are very special.  They’re deeply connected to God and have lived many lifetimes.  They carry a great deal of wisdom, which they have accumulated over their lives and this knowledge is stored in their souls’ blueprints. Several current adults are old souls but there are many new children old souls coming to this Earth that are very advanced.  I have written about them before on this blog.  These children come to the Earth remembering a great deal about God and the connection to the Divine realm.  They can understand the mysteries of this world and seek to make it a better place.  They’re sent here to change and elevate the planetary grid.  In doing so, they raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants.  Many of us have been given these old souls as our children, so we can help them to grow in their life work.

I knew my son, Brayden ,was an old soul because he was able to see and communicate with spirits just like me, when he was only a toddler.  He gravitated toward healing and balancing his own energy naturally.  When I was pregnant with Briella, I was told by my guides that she would be much more advanced than Brayden and me.  I didn’t really understand that idea until very recently.  Briella was always deeply compassionate, saving bugs and helping animals.  She didn’t like to eat meat,  just fresh raw fruits and vegetables. She liked to do Yoga on her own or sit outside and listen to the birds and the wind in the trees.  She was always very grounded, yet deeply insightful for such a young child.



Briella at age 5 in her Tree pose.

This past summer, I was shopping in Home Goods with Briella.  She picked up a ceramic Buddha head and asked, “Who is this guy, mommy?”

I said, “That’s Buddha.”

She examined the head in her hands and then said, “I know him.  He’s a teacher.”  I studied her facial expressions, as her eyes widened and a smile grew across her face.  I asked her how she knew him.

“I used to know him.  He talks about compassion and God’s love and everyone matters not just people, even animals and insects; everyone is important.”

“How do you know this, Luvbug,” I questioned.  I knew nothing about Buddha having gone to Catholic school my whole life.  We didn’t have any books on Buddha and Briella attended Catholic school. I had not idea where she had been exposed to Buddha but she continued to tell me about him.

“He’s a friend of Jesus and one of God’s most faithful friends. God sent him here to remind people that God’s love is always with us and all around us,” she said with great excitement in her high-pitched little fairy voice.  She wanted the Buddha head for her room, so of course, I bought it for her.  When I got home, I called her father and told him what happened in the store.  He thought that she clearly had some connection to Buddha and as parents, we should just allow her to be herself. I totally agreed with his point-of-view.

About a month later, I had a client come to my office.  She was a Buddhist and studied in Tibet.  She was in the U.S. for some time, but planned on returning to Tibet to continue her work over there.  During the healing session, a lama (Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teacher) presented himself in spirit, as a guide.  I recognized his maroon a yellow colored robe.  I explained to the woman that he was there to guide her.  She already knew him and that he was a spirit guide for her.  He instructed me to tell my client about Briella and the Buddha connection in the store.  So I told her a shortened version of the story.  Then he said something I wasn’t prepared to hear.


Briella in the meditation corner of her new room.

“She was a student of Buddha,” he said.  I audibly repeated what he said, not actually comprehending it.  My client, on the table, placed her hand over her mouth.  Then after a moment, what he said registered in my head and I felt fear build in my chest.

“There has to be some mistake. I can’t possibly be the parent of a soul that studied with Buddha.  I get angry at people.  I curse; I’m basically an idiot” I said.  My client laughed.  Maybe she was agreeing with me.  But I really felt ill prepare to have a child who was so advanced. I’m just a healing medium and author.  I’m not a guru.  How could I help this child grow, when I know nothing about Buddha, Buddhism, compassion, or anything else she was teaching me about each day?

I later learned that is exactly why she was sent to me. One night this past fall, as I was rubbing her back and snuggling her before bedtime, she said, “Do you know why I picked you to be my mommy?” Of course I had no idea but I was ready to have my mind blown by a first-grader. At this point, it was common place for her to teach me new things each night.

“I picked you because I needed to remember how to heal myself, balance my energy , and use all my abilities.  You’re good at that stuff, so I picked you because you will help me with all of it.”  I wiped a few tears from my eyes because what she said resonated so deeply within me, it shook my soul like an earthquake.

“Well, I’m just so grateful that you picked me and I promise to always do my best to help you and love you,” I said, as I hugged her tightly.  Many parents of these old soul children, grew up in homes where they were misunderstood or didn’t fit in.  Perhaps they were clairsentient, or could communicate with spirits. As a result, many of these adults have felt uncomfortable being themselves in this world.  The old soul children are with those parents to help them love and accept themselves unconditionally–to shed the experiences from the past that hold them back.  These children make their parents remember who they are and why they are here.  It is all part of the Divine plan that is unfolding.  If you have one or more of these old souls in your family, give them the freedom to grow and be who they are supposed to be.  Love and nurture them because they are here to change this world one soul at a time.

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