The Karma of Imitation

images-4We live in a society where imitation is the norm. Many people adopt the personal styles of their favorite celebrities including haircuts, clothing, and in extreme cases plastic surgery.  Although there’s nothing wrong with admiring and being inspired by another person, completely imitating someone is another issue.  It is not just a human problem but also a soul, karmic one.

Everyone on this Earth is here for a reason.  We all incarnate with a birth blueprint, which carries the main purpose of why each soul is here at this time.  If we’re busy trying to be someone else, then we’re missing out on developing our authentic selves.  On a human level, this is an issue because we don’t need 1 million of one type of person.  Each human brings different ideas, traits, and experiences, so we can all learn and grow from each other. “If everyone is the same, none of us would grow because you can’t grow and learn when everything is the same.”  Without the diversity, we can’t truly learn and evolve.

On a soul level, this presents and even bigger dilemma.  If we each have a certain thing written on the birth blueprint that we need to accomplish in our time here, yet we choose to imitate someone else and not be ourselves, will we fulfill our souls’ missions?  Will we do what we came here to do or will we have wasted our time here trying to be someone other than true ourselves?  When we imitate others and ignore our own souls, we’re disregarding the 12th Law of Karma – The Law of Significance and Inspiration. It simply states that your soul’s contribution to this world is significant and can inspire others to do the same.  You matter and so does your work here!

Like all experiences, there are lessons of growth involved.  If you are a person who others often imitate, it is a lesson in compassion.  Rather than feeling annoyed with people copying your words, images, or identity, try to take a step back.  Extend the energy of compassion for these souls who are a little lost and have yet to do their work and find their paths in this life.  If you are a person that imitates others, it is a lesson for you to be authentic, to find your path and be true to your soul.  Take a step back from your ego that’s whispering in your ear telling you that you’re not good enough and need to be more like someone else.  Embrace the voice of your soul and let it guide you.  The journey of finding your soul path is not an easy one but you will never get there by imitating another.  The longer you imitate and avoid the soul path, the more of your time you’re wasting.  No one is here to be a cardboard cutout of someone else.  Each soul is here to shine it’s unique light on this Earth and make a difference in a very special way.

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