The Reality of Light and Love

I often close my blog posts and emails with the words, “In Light and Love.”  I choose to surround myself in the vibrational energy of light and love at all times. Living in the vibrations of light and love, does not negate the existence of evil and lower vibrational energy.  I acknowledge the existence of evil and dark energy, but I don’t associate it as a creation of the Divine nor do I choose to manifest it in my reality.

The vibrations of light and love are aligned with the Divine energy and therefore exist at an elevated energetic level.  If we acknowledge that all living things are comprised of energy and energy vibrates and oscillates, then we could also say that different things are vibrating at different rates.  The higher the frequency the faster the rate of vibration.  Most evolved spirits for example, vibrate at a higher rate than humans, which is one of the reasons why seeing spirits can be intangible for many humans.  The lower the frequency, the slower the rate of vibration.  Therefore, there’s a distinct difference between the frequencies of higher and lower vibrational energies.

When we put our intentions out into the universe, we’re applying energy to our thoughts.  Our thoughts become our words and actions, as the Universe brings our desired reality to fruition. As a result, we have the potential to manifest whatever we intend.  So, we’re creating our own realities based on our intentions.  I believe evil isn’t a creation of the Divine but rather a creation of something we manifest through thought.  Everyone is born to this magnificent Earth as a pure soul.  Each beautiful child develops into an adult as a culmination of his own thoughts and experiences in this life.  People who are manipulative think about ways to manipulate other people and situations.  Their thoughts are consumed with manipulation.  They attract other manipulative people who vibrate at the same frequency–hence, they have manifested a reality full of manipulative energy.  Angry people obsess over thoughts which fuel anger. Their actions carry anger. They attract other angry people who vibrate at the same frequency–their realities are full of anger because this is what they have chosen to manifest.

I choose light and love because they’re the highest vibrations and the closest frequencies to God.  My thoughts are full of love and light.  I monitor them to keep them bright. If I find a thought that isn’t aligned, I change it.  I attract other people who live in the energies of light and love.  This is my reality and I’m always connected to luminous, benevolent Divine energy.

We are given free will to choose light or darkness for ourselves.  Which do you choose?  Take a step back and look at your world!  What have you created for yourself?  Is it a brilliant portrait with bright colors and soft lines then blend into each other or is it a gray scale photo with sharp jagged edges boxing you in?  If you don’t like what you see, change the image!  It all begins with your thoughts.

Love and light,


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