Low Vibrations or Low Vibrational Energy

When we discuss reaching out to our passed-on loved ones, we need to mention low vibrations.  Even though we do not plan on engaging any low vibrations, we need to be aware of their existence and discuss how to protect our energy.  Without turning this into physics lesson, let us start by saying all energy vibrates.  Most evolved spirits vibrate at at higher frequency than that of humans, which is one of the reasons why they are somewhat intangible to some humans.

As our loved ones connect with us or others on the Earth plane, they may actually slow down their vibrations, so we can perceive and communicate with them.  Slowing down of the vibrational energy is different from a low vibrational energy spirit.  When we mention low vibrational energy we are referring to spirit forms that are less evolved and not necessarily light-filled.  Low vibrational energy does not have to be completely dark or evil, but it can be manipulative.  Some low vibrational spirits enjoy playing games and tricking us or mocking us. Others may be a bit more elusive and can invade our thought patterns.

It is important to be aware of this type of energy.  When we open the door to communicate with our loved ones, we want to reach specific spirits and we don’t want to have a revolving door for all spirits.  The first thing we need to do is bubble our energy  and tunnel ourselves in light.  Then when we need to engage our guides and ask them to protect us from any low vibrations entering our space.  Once we have secured the space with only high vibrational energy, we can use our minds to call our to our family members.  Remember to call them forward in the name of Almighty God.

When we are ready to end the communication with our loved ones, we need to follow a few steps.  First we want to send them away with gratitude, light, and love.  Then we want to ground our energy and release the bubble sending it back to the heavens.  We also need to thank our guides for helping facilitate the process.  It is a good idea to perform the tunneling exercise throughout your space after you have communicated with passed on loved ones.  We want to make sure that we clear all energies.  By performing the tunneling exercise on a regular basis, you can ensure that lower vibrational energies will be kept away.  If the energy in your home is very high, they will not want to be around it because it doesn’t blend with their vibrational energy.  If you have questions about this, please feel free to post your comments or message me directly.

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  1. Donna Weiner says:

    Great article …I try to share this with people but your wording is Perfect..

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