Types Of Spirit Guides

In the past, I have discussed the roles of spirit guides in the lives of humans.  As noted in previous blog posts, spirit guides can be with us for a short time, while others remain with us for the duration of our human lives.  Some guides may be part of our soul group, while other guides come in and out of our human lives as needed.  In addition to our guides, we have the ability to work with angels, Archangels, and the Ascended Masters.  We always have help on this side all we have to do is ask for it.

Transitory Guides or Teacher Guides
Spirit guides of this nature work with us for general problem solving.  They’re assigned to us as aids in the completion of a particular life experience or stage. When I began studying alternative healing modalities, I met a new guide who was there to help me during healing sessions.  He became my resource when I had questions about healing for clients or myself. These guides help navigate the physical life process. We can have several of them over the course of a human life time.

Life Guides or Gatekeeper
These guides are with us at birth and remain for the duration of our human lives, hence the name life guide.  They’re part of our soul group.  I also use the name gatekeeper because my life guide holds a special purpose.  Those who incarnate with mediumship abilities and have been able to communicate with spirits since childhood, have gatekeeper life guides. The gatekeeper guide regulates which spirits can and cannot get close to the medium.  The gatekeeper guide also works to keep the medium on the life path she has set out on before incarnation.  Some mediums teach mediumship skills to others, work as authors, solve missing person cases and murders, work as spiritual healers, and others act as communication conduit doing readings regularly. Even though they’re all mediums, they’ve set out on different paths that incorporate the mediumship skill set. Their gatekeeper guides work closely to ensure they stay on their paths.

Angels have never incarnated physically.  They’re messengers of God and carry divine inspiration and support.  Many healing modalities incorporate angelic support such as Integrated Energy Therapy.  Anyone can have an encounter with an angel.  Angels can help us in times of danger and guide us to safety. They’re concerned with the primary path of the soul and help us accomplish the soul purpose.  They work in tandem with the life guide.

Like angels, Archangels work on behalf of the divine but their work is more collective than that of angels.  Angels work to help an individual complete a soul’s mission, while Archangels work with groups of souls that share similar soul missions such as healers, which may include all those souls in any of the following occupations:  Doctors, nurses, caretakers, spiritual healers, paramedics, therapists, teachers, and alternative healers.  Archangels will work with these souls to ensure they follow the soul mission they have set out to complete in this lifetime.

Saints and Ascended Masters Of Light
Ascended Masters and Saints are those who have live physical lives and have ascended to the level of spiritual master.  They dwell in the highest realm of light.  They tend to work intermittently with groups of souls who share a mission of elevating human consciousness for spiritual evolution.  Some of the Masters of Light and Saints may work with those souls involved in The Compassion Project, or any other type of collective divine mission of souls.

Though we experience life as humans in a very physical world, we carry an entourage of spirits with us.  Our spirit guides are here to help steer us through our physical and spiritual journeys.  When we feel confused or stressed by life, we need to engage our guides and ask for assistance.

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