Clairsentience–The Overlooked Psychic Ability

When the topic of psychic abilities comes into focus, most people think of clairvoyance or clear seeing.  For some reason everyone seems fascinated by the invariable third eye and the psychic sense it imparts. Many people literally see clairvoyance as the most prominent psychic ability. But in helping people develop their psychic abilities, I find that clairsentience or clear feeling is most commonly the first psychic sense to develop in people and often precedes the development of the third eye ability.  In fact people often develop clairsentince without even recognizing it.

Clairsentience is the psychic ability that allows us to perceive energy through feeling  It is governed by the sacral chakra point located just below the naval.  Many people speak of feeling things intuitively such as sensing the traits or emotions of other people.  They also feel spirit energy.  A client of mine said, she had a sense that someone was in the room with her in spirit form.  When I asked her to describe how she sensed that presence, she said, “I felt it.”  She further described the energy as warm and comforting–a loving presence.  She sensed the energy with her clairsentient psychic ability.

People who have developed their clairsentience abilities are also known as empaths.  This can be an issue for people, if they don’t know how to mange clairsentience.  Without psychic shielding, empaths can take in too much energy and have difficulty distinguishing between their own feelings and what they’re feeling from others.  In addition, they can become overwhelmed in crowded situations.  They may appear overly emotional from taking in too much energy of others.  All of this can be managed by learning to balance the sacral chakra and shielding one’s own energy.

In my experience as a teacher of psychic development, I have found that more people are clairsentient than clairvoyant.  In fact, I believe it is the first psychic sense to develop in people. I think because the sense uses the physical body to convey the energy, people dismiss it as a psychic ability.  Clairsentience is a true psychic ability and can help us understand other people and their experiences as well as our own, if we can recognize this ability and use it in a pragmatic way.

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3 Comments to “Clairsentience–The Overlooked Psychic Ability”

  1. Jill says:

    Hi Anysia!
    When my brother passed before I even knew I became physically ill, stomach cramps. The morning of 9/11 the same thing happened to me. Before the earthquake in Japan I knew something bad was going to happen and I told a few people. Is this clairsentience? If so what good is it if I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s happening?

    • anysiakiel says:

      Hi Jill,

      It does seem like you have the ability to “feel” energy, which is the psychic sense known as clairsentience. If you learn to balance your sacral chakra and work on your other psychic senses, you will have more clairty in determining why you are feeling these things. Right now, clairsentience is your strongest sense, but it is kind of working alone. When you tune into your other psychic senses and develop them, you will get information in other ways. Hope this helps.

      Love and light,


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