Exercise-Asking For a Dream Visit

Not everyone feels comfortable asking for a sign for a couple of reasons.  First, many people may dismiss the sign as coincidence.  Secondly, some people feel a little scared by it.  Another way to ask your family members to communicate is through a dream visit.  A dream visit differs from an ordinary dream because of the vividness involved.  Upon awakening from a dream visit, people can recall tremendous details such as clothing, specific conversational elements, or they remember being embraced by their loved ones.  Often people say, “It felt like she was right here in my room.”

Dream visits are real visitations from our loved ones.  They are a vehicle used in the spirit world to convey messages of love and hope.  Sometimes, our grief is so thick that our loved ones cannot get through.  When we are sleeping, we are less occupied by our Earthly thoughts and our loved ones are able to connect to us.

As with all spirit communication, your want to first bubble your energy, call in your guides, and ground yourself before and after you communicate.  With your mind, call out to your loved one in the name of God using the birth name and birth date and ask them to visit you in a dream.  It could take one day or several days. You may want to keep a pen a note pad next to your bed to write down details of the visit.

Once you receive your dream visit, send a thought of thanks and love to your family member. Thank God for the connection you share with your loved one because without divine intervention, it would not exist.  I would also recommend grounding after you receive your dream to pull your energy down and keep it on the Earth.

In love and light,

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2 Comments to “Exercise-Asking For a Dream Visit”

  1. Brenda Mcbride says:

    My dad visits me often in my dreams. He doesnt say much, just watches me. In one dream, he was crying, saying sorry for leaving. He looked sad, but, in heaven, theres no sadness i thought? was this a real dream visit or a bad dream i happen to have?
    Thanks, Brenda

  2. Sometimes there is a transition period when someone passes and there can be sadness if they have left someone that the deeply love and are connected to on the Earth plane. I have seen this before with spouses and with parents that have had to leave behind children. In time, his soul will continue to learn and grow. But he can miss you as well.

    Love and light,