Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

thWe always hear the terms positive vibes but we may not really know what they mean. “Vibes” a term short for vibration, refers to the energy frequency of a person.  We may categorize the vibe of others as either low or high or negative or positive. Some people can see the vibration of others, when using clairvoyant ability and almost everyone can feel the vibration using clairsentience.

All energy vibrates or moves as a rate of frequency.  A person with a low vibe has a heavier, more dense vibration and therefore the energy moves slowly.  A person with a high vibe has a lighter vibration and the energy moves at a faster rate.  An example of this is with spirit energy.  Sometime we glimpse spirit visits from our loved ones.  We may see them as figures that moves quickly out of the corners of our eyes.  But actually most spirits (those that have crossed over) vibrate at a higher rate  than that of most humans.  Although it seems like they’re running by it is actually just that our energy is not the same vibration as them and they are moving faster than our energy can perceive.  Some humans that have very high vibrations can see spirits, as though they were humans on the Earth plane because the human vibration is high and close to if not higher than the spirits they’re detecting.

When we raise our vibrations, we can open more psychically and thus perceive energy beyond the physical senses.  Some of us are highly psychic and were born this way but people who aren’t born that way, there are some things you can do to “raise your vibe”.  In addition to attuning to your psychic abilities, the higher you vibrational frequency, the closer you are to your soul path and that means things in the human world come into balance.  As the soul aligns with the human body, so does the life purpose or soul path.

There are several small things we can do to raise our vibrations.  We can monitor our thoughts and hold them in the Light.  When something negative arises, we can just let it float out rather than letting it invade our minds.  We can bubble our energy daily, so we remain in a high state, unaffected by the energy of others or situations we encounter.  There are also things we can wear to elevate our vibrations high such as crystals or certain semi-precious stones.

To keep our energy vibrating at a high rate regularly, we need to clear it.  Our aura can pick things up from others and environments and we can also create our own imprints from responses to situations and experiences.  When we clear our energy, we remove the imprints, so we can move through life at our chosen frequency.  The more we raise our vibrations, the more aligned we are with ourselves and the Divine, thus our lives come into complete balance.

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