Psychic Shielding

Psychic shielding is one of the essentials, as we open to psychic energy. Remember that being psychic means we become sensitive to all the energy around us.  This can sometimes be overwhelming especially in places where there is a lot of energy such as a mall, airport, or a busy city street.  If everyone carries an energetic imprint with them, how much energy can be present in a large stadium filled with thousands of people?
Psychically-open people can get bombarded with energy, so there is a need for psychic shielding.  Essentially, we are trying to limit or shield the energy that is perceived.Some people are natural empaths, which means that they can feel the emotions and imprints of others. Sometimes, this can be controlled by down-sizing the sacral chakra a bit.  But often, it is the result of the empathic person opening psychically.

Healers will feel impressions as they are working on a client, they may sense pain or the emotions of the client.  This is a very normal part of the process, since the healer and client are sharing energy in the session.  It is helpful because it allows the healer to know where to work and send energy.  It can be problematic if the impression lasts more that a few seconds.  If the impression lasts, then the healer needs to psychically protect her energy.

 There are several methods for psychic shielding. It is a good exercise to get into the habit of performing psychic shielding each morning to ensure that your aura is always protected and you are limiting the energy that comes in.
Here is a list of the exercises for psychic shielding. Use which ever one is most comfortable for you.

1.  Bubble Technique
Picture your body encased in a giant bubble of energy.  Make the bubble what ever color you wish.  Know that the bubble is filled with warm loving energy and you are safe.

2. Shower of Light (my favorite)
Using your mind, call out to almighty God and ask for the brilliant light.  Envision showers of light (in whatever color you wish) falling gently from above and cascading over you.  Allow this brilliant rain of light to fall and illuminate all aspects of your being.  Know that you are loved and protected.

3. Tunneling Light
Imagine a tunnel of light (in your color of choice) funnel around you and through you.  See it as a tornado of color wrapping you in protection.

4.  Engage Your Guides
As you learn to connect with your guides, you can set parameters for psychic shielding.  For example, you may say that you would like to be psychic shielded in all public places.  Or you may ask your guides for psychic shielding as you are about to enter a place with a lot of energy such as a busy city street.  Know that they are there to work with you but you need to tell them what you want.  Once you do this, they will enforce it.  I learned this the hard way.  If you do not tell them, they will let all the energy in.  Set the limits with your guides and they will set boundaries for the energy.

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