Why Spirits May Become Earth-bound and How We Can Help Them

After leaving their bodies, the natural progressions for souls are to cross over to the spirit realm.  On the other side, the souls continues to grow and evolve.  But sometimes souls remains on the Earth; these souls are considered Earth-bound.  Once we understand how and why souls have become Earthbound, we can take the steps necessary to get them across on the other side.

Sudden accident victims can easily become temporarily Earth-bound.  Perhaps these souls were in some type of plane or auto accident.  The passing were so sudden that they jolt the souls and leave them in a state of temporary confusion.  Though all souls have guides even at the time of passing, they may shut them out.  Once the souls understand that they have passed, they move on quickly.

The souls of murder victims sometimes stay on the Earth for a couple of reasons.  They may want to make sure their bodies are recovered.  They may also want to make sure that their families have peace before they move on.  Once their bodies are put to rest, or their families have settled through the grief process, they will cross with their guides.

Like souls of murder victims, child souls may remain on the Earth for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, they feel that their time was cut short and they want to remain here to keep living.  This presents a problem because they are trying to live in a physical world without a physical body; it’s an impossibility. These children may also want to stay because someone on the Earthplane(a parent, sibling, or other close family member) is holding them here with their grief emotions.  The children may think they need to stay and take care of or comfort family members.  These souls often need assistance crossing.  They’re so deeply compassionate, loving, and altruistic that they would rather help their family members rather than cross over and move on.  These souls need assurance that their family members will be fine, when they cross over. Once there is a comfort level that their families will be OK, they will cross over with assistance.  Sometimes mediums need to reach out to them, but family members can also send them thoughts about crossing over and assuring them that everything will be fine.  This is the most compassionate gift a family member can give a child soul.

Suicide victims remain on the Earth until they are ready to move on.  Often after a suicide, the soul remains in an emotional and confused state until someone reaches out to them.  I have been told by suicide victims that they are in complete darkness and feel totally alone.  When ever I hear of a suicide, I always reach out to the victim to get him into God’s light–where his soul will be healed and loved.  When we want to reach out to our loved ones or friends who have committed suicide, we should first bubble our energy  and engage our guides.  The experience of suicide is cloaked in darkness and low vibrational energy.  It leaves a dark energetic imprint, which we want to block from our energy.  Using our minds, we can call out to the suicide victim and tell them to, “Get up and step into the light.” Then we can ground our energy and send the bubble away.  Once we get them into the light, we can continue to send them thoughts of love and healing as they move through the process on the other side.

Low-vibrational souls can remain on the Earth for a while, until they seek out the light. These souls are less evolved.  In life, they were drawn to darkness. Perhaps they committed crimes against others, or hurt other people on the Earth.  Like suicide souls, these energies remain on the in darkness. When they are ready to seek out the light, they can be healed. Remember God is benevolent and forgives all who truly want to be forgiven and move on. We can help these souls by sending them thoughts of love and light.

Souls can become Earth-bound for a variety of reasons.  Once they leave their bodies, all souls at some point need to cross over and move on to the spirit realm.  We can assist these spirits by bubbling our energy, engaging our guides, and sending them into God’s light. We may also send these souls thoughts of love, healing, and white light.  Once they are in the light, they will continue to grow, learn, and heal in the spirit realm–where they belong.

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    This explains it far better than I have been able to with my own words.

    Thank you so much, Anysia, for posting this.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Chrissa. I am glad that you found it helpful.
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