Spirit Attachments

Spirit attachments can cause a variety of issues for people if they are undetected.  Although anyone can have a spirit attachment, energy workers including psychics, mediums, and healers are particularly vulnerable because of their occupations.  When energy workers establish healthy habitsof closing the energy after a session, which includes clearing energy,  aura scanning, and cutting cords, they can block out spirit attachments.

Spirit attachments can affect our thought processes.  It may take a while for us to notice it.  At first we may get brief negative thoughts that come out of no where.  If we let it go, the negative thoughts may take over and affect our emotional states.  The first time I picked up a spirit attachment, I didn’t notice it.  Every once in a while, a random negative thought would pop into my head and I would wonder where it came from, as I knew it was not part of my conscious awareness.  I also noticed that I felt tired.  It seemed like I lacked my usual energy.

Within a few days, the negative thoughts were popping up more and more and I was able to discern that these were not thoughts originating from my mind.  It seemed like someone or something was auto-suggesting those thoughts into my energy field.   At the same time, I kept seeing a large dark shadow out of the corner of my eye.  If I moved quickly, I could see it move with me.  Hence, I realized I had a spirit attachment.

I also learned in the process that spirits who attach to humans do not necessarily mean to hurt anyone.  In fact, often the negative thoughts are a method they use to let you know they’re around.  Most spirits who attach are in the realm of low-vibrational energy and are often Earth-bound.  They use whatever tools they have to let people know they are around. Their tools may including imposing their energies or thoughts on someone. They often attach to energy workers because they think the healers and mediums will be able to help them.  Energy workers feel drained because these spirit attachments are literally draining the energy from the human to be able to manifest in the physical world.

As soon as I recognized the signs of the attachment, I called in my guides and cleared it.I sent the energy into the light, so it could be healed. After that point, I asked my guides why it happened. I was told that if you work in energy, you must have a keen sense of awareness.You must be able to discern what is generated from your energy and what is not.In addition, energy workers need to psychic shield and follow an energy closing routine to guard against attachments. Psychic shielding should always be done before beginning any client sessions. At the end of any energy sessions including readings and healings energy workers need to have a routine for closing down energy. Forgetting to follow the routine, can you leave you open for spirit attachments.

I use the acronym C.A.C. to help energy workers remember the routine closing down energy and guarding against spirit attachments.

Clear All Energy
At the end of any energy session, an energy worker should be clearing all energy. This is an opportunity to cleanse the aura of any imprinted energy from the session. It is also time to clear the space of residual energy. There are several methods for clearing. We can use physical methods such as smudging.We can also use visualization methods such as tunneling light.Regardless of which method is chosen, it needs to be performed after every session to ensure the clearing of all energy.

Aura Scanning
The energy worker needs to do a personal aura scan to verify that the aura is free and clear of any imprints, attachments, or energetic issues from the session. It only takes about two minutes but it is vital.If the energy worker sees anything unusual, it is imperative to perform the clearing exercise again followed by cord cutting

Cord Cutting
The final step in the routine involves cutting all energetic cords. The energy worker needs to once again scan the aura and then see all energetic cords attached to the field.Using a large scissor, clipper, or a bright light in a clock-wise, the energy worker envisions the cords being cut and severed from the field.This process in continued all the way around the aura until all cords are severed.

Once you have completed this routine, notice how light, clear, and centered you feel. You have cleared all energetic imprints and have cut all drains on your energy field. Enjoy this sense of peace you have created for yourself.

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3 Comments to “Spirit Attachments”

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi anysia this is michael again, and while i don't have a spirit attachment as you descibed in the piece above, i have a question about a loved one staying with me because of my overwhelming grief. its been 2 months since she has passed and she consumes my thoughts, and i'm overcome with guilt over things i did to cause our break up so many years ago. i am truely sorry for those things and i believe in my heart that she forgives me and she has given me signs and communications to that, but i don't forgive myself for screwing up the one true love of my life. i should have been a stronger man for her, the type of man she needed, but instead i had drug alcohol problems, and while i was always there for her, i wasn't there for her if you know what i mean. anyway, what i'm getting at is that i can't bare the thought that my grief may be holding her back from ascending into gods light with my grief and regrets. i've always wanted nothing but the best for her and loved her like i've loved no other soul even if that means going on without her. my love for her is unconditional, it exists on its own merits, and i want her to go to god and tell her that i'll be ok, is there a prayer for her that you know of for me to say to god and her ?? the last thing i want to do is to hold her back now and i fear i'm doing just that with my grief. thank you again in advance..
    love and light to you…

  2. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your question. I do not think she is Earthbound, but I do think you need to heal through some emotions associated with her passing. There is an article on here that you should read. It is called, “Why Spirits May Become Earthbound and How We Can Help Them.” I do not think you are holding her back because you have validation that she is in the spirit world. But I do think what you are experiencing is more about your unresolved emotions associated with her passing. You need to clear those emotions, so you can be fully present in your life.

    Love and light,


  3. Karen says:

    Hi Anysia,
    Although I don’t seem to have much in the mediumship ability…I rarely even remember dreams….I have noticed something that I wonder about. Whenever I go into our church (I am Catholic) I always feel like the air is incredibly heavy to the point where it is difficult to breathe. Could that be because of the presence of spirits? As soon as I walk out the sensation leaves. No one else seems to be bothered by it. I used to tell my mother I need to walk out to get some air and she used to think I was trying to duck out of mass. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.